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The bionic man features some of the latest advances in mechanical limbs, like artificial pancreas, kidney, spleen and trachea, and a functional blood circulatory system.
It has artificial pancreas, kidney, spleen and trachea and a functional blood circulatory system.
2) It presents within 3 months of injury to the exciting eye and is thought to be a cell-mediated auto-immune response to uveal antigens1, (2) isolated from the lymphatic system and exposed to the blood circulatory system during penetrating injuries and intra-ocular surgery.
It can cause infections in the mucosal membranes, esophagus and urinary tract; and when it reaches the blood circulatory system, it can become life threatening.
The Canadian patent (CA 2297080) confirms that the Delcath system is a novel apparatus, and method for isolating blood flow within the pelvic cavity of a patient, allowing a high concentration of a chemotherapeutic agent to be administered without contaminating the rest of the patient's blood circulatory system.