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Drinking more fluids, adding more salt to the diet and even putting on some compression stocking to regulate blood circulation are advised.
With the use of BrainEx, scientists were able to restore and maintain blood circulation and cellular activities of 32 intact pig brains outside the body under the mimicked normal condition four hours after death.
One of the capsule products was used to improve blood circulation and the other to treat hair loss.
'If one suffers from poor blood circulation for a long time, it can cause serious health issues and even cause a stroke.'
Raynaud's disease where the smaller arteries that supply blood to your skin narrow in the cold limiting blood circulation to exposed areas.
It also improves blood circulation and reduces unnecessary iron levels in blood.
"This initiative is one of the pillars of QNB's CSR strategy, which includes health, environment and other fields," the statement said, adding that the initiative also benefits donors as studies have shown that blood donation reduces the risk of some diseases, purifies the donor's system from toxins and stimulates blood circulation.
Low blood circulation was behind the three deaths, he said.
It is believed that donating blood stimulates blood circulation and reduces the risk of heart disease and arterial blockage because blood donation reduces the proportion of iron in the blood.
According to hospital sources, there has been slight improvement in the former premier's blood circulation.
Wolfberry/goji berry strengthens the immune system, nourishes the kidneys and liver, improves blood circulation, and promotes better eyesight.
Wang diagnosed the man has having spleen and stomach deficiency for a long period of time, as well as poor Qi and blood circulation, which resulted in poor sperm quality.
But the slimming effect is a misperception about the tea -- it's only one of the subsidiary effects of the tea as a result of enhanced blood circulation.
This disease occurs when the body has too much or too low of sugar (glucose) in the blood circulation.
It can also analyse blood circulation as well as body composition analysis.