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a place for storing whole blood or blood plasma

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He issued directions for improving the working of the blood banks and sealed many of them for providing sunbstandard blood to the patients.
A helpline will be launched by the blood bank of Indian Red Cross Society's (IRCS) Dakshina Kannada unit on Lady Goschen Hospital premises on the occasion of World Blood Donors' Day.
According to the above decision, the private healthcare institutions located in Dubai will not receive blood and blood products from the above blood banks (Abu Dhabi and Sharjah)," read the circular.
The conference aims to shed light on blood banks' services in the GCC, especially the Kingdom of Bahrain and disseminate awareness in GCC societies and medical cadres in this field to support the cooperation ties bonding GCC blood banks as well as honouring authorities supporting KHUH in its blood donations campaigns.
However, some blood banks used to do it out of compassion.
Said Al-Amoudi, general supervisor of laboratories and blood banks at the Jeddah health department and a hematology consultant, said the ministry is currently finalizing the "e-link" project.
As the demand for stem cell storage is increasing, many blood banks have emerged to satisfy the expectation of people.
In addition to the blood bank equipment and other supplies, Merlin will be installing a computerised network system whereby all blood banks within the Gaza Strip will be able to communicate and locate much-needed blood types in times of crisis.
The blood bank was chosen for study because of the critical role it has in the safety and quality of patient care.
Blood banks make sure there's enough life-saving blood to go around.
SBB was specifically designed to help small to mid-size blood banks cost-effectively achieve the advantages of a complete blood-bank system.
In response to recent outbreaks of such illnesses as SARS, West Nile virus, and the human form of mad cow disease (Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease), the FDA is forcing blood banks to follow rules that substantially increase the odds that a donor will be rejected.
Just in time for mosquito season, blood banks around the country inaugurated a screening test to detect the virus in the first week of July.
Blood banks test donated blood for syphilis bacteria and the viruses HIV, hepatitis B and C, and strains of human T-lymphotrophic virus that cause an unusual type of leukemia.
South Florida Blood Banks President John Flynn believes the new bank will save the lives of more than 10,000 children a year.