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a place for storing whole blood or blood plasma

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In partnership with the local authorities, Merlin will be developing an emergency preparedness plan for all blood banks within the Gaza Strip, with the Ministry of Health's blood banks as the lead supplier of blood for all.
Along with thousands of other blood banks around the world, Lane Memorial Blood Bank is participating in the World Blood Donor Day celebration by holding special blood drives.
The blood bank was chosen for study because of the critical role it has in the safety and quality of patient care.
Blood banks make sure there's enough life-saving blood to go around.
blood bank centres stretching from Maine to Los Angeles.
So why don't blood banks increase their efforts to recruit new donors?
Because there is such demand for blood, blood banks often separate it into components to be used for different purposes.
MIAMI -- South Florida blood repositories and three Nobel Peace Prize winners launched the Children's World Blood Bank, aimed at ensuring a secure supply of safe blood for children in the developing world.
KARACHI -- The Surveillance and Monitoring teams of Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA) has successfully completed monitoring of blood banks operating in Sukkur and Benazirabad divisions.
KARACHI -- Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA) Secretary Dr Zahid Ansari has urged the blood banks to arrange 1,000 blood bags for injured of Mastung blast tragedy and blood would be dispatched to Quetta soon.
ISLAMABAD -- The Islamabad Blood Transfusion Authority (IBTA) on Thursday issued licences to blood banks for the year 2018-19.
The Ministry of Health (MoH), represented by the Blood Banks Services Department will intensify its blood donation campaigns during Ramadan to meet the daily requirement of blood and its components.
KARACHI -- Sindh Blood Transfusion Authority (SBTA) has appointed 'focal persons' of blood banks for emergency preparedness on the occasion of Pakistan Super League (PSL) T20 final on March 25, 2018 at National Stadium Karachi.