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a place for storing whole blood or blood plasma

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When I gave birth to my first three boys, we have zero knowledge about cord blood banking. But on my fifth childbirth (my fourth pregnancy ended to missed abortion), I had my son's cord blood donated.
Most of the 13 banks with NCBI contracts reported adopting practices to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of cord blood banking, but also reported some uncertainty about the effect on costs and revenues of complying with FDA licensure regulations that now apply to cord blood.
Dalal Najjar, Merlin's Country Director in the Palestinian Territories, writes that: "Blood banking is hugely important in the Gaza Strip because of the ongoing conflict in the area.
The study was carried out in the blood bank of a 600-bed teaching hospital in Sydney, Australia, which provides a networked blood banking service throughout a large metropolitan area and is involved in the investigation of antibodies and transfusion-related issues.
The cord blood bank has been set up in technical collaboration with Cryo-Cell International, Inc., a US cord blood banking organization.
"We're thinking it has potential beyond blood banking," says Spinks, "to any organization with full- and part-time shift work and many different parametres.
"The Holy Grail of blood banking is a technology that will kill all the bugs and keep the cells intact."
One blood expert, noting "the dearth of modern freestanding software in blood banking," has forecast "doom for quality software" unless regulations are relaxed.
The Presidential Commission on the HIV Epidemic states in its final report, "The initial response of the nation's blood banking industry to the possibility of contamination of the nation's blood by a new infectious agent was unnecessarily slow."
The Government disseminated AIDS information based on guidelines provided by the Federal Government and private blood banking organizations.
Did the blood banking organizations adopt the test to protect susceptible patient groups?
Competitive strategies for the changing world of blood banking
It was noticed that the staff working at the blood units needed urgent training to improve the blood banking practices.