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Unfortunately, malignant tumours are also capable of growing new blood vessels to receive oxygen and nutrients.
The formation of new blood vessels is known as angiogenesis and is one of the main driving forces behind cancer.
and his colleagues covered iron nanoparticles with a peptide they designed to adhere to proteins found only in tumor blood vessels.
Stroke can be subdivided into two types: * Ischemic stroke: caused by blockage of the brain blood vessels due to clot formation and accounting for approximately 84% of all stroke cases.
One possibility is that arsenic may alter the normal vasomotor tone of blood vessels, which rises from contractility of vascular smooth muscle cells.
But the findings raise hope that such transplants might be used to treat several common eye diseases that involve abnormalities in the blood vessels of the retina, the light-sensitive lens located in the back of the eye.
And one new study shows that boys as young as 15 can start to experience clogged coronary arteries, blood vessels that supply vital oxygen-rich blood to the heart (see diagram, right).
Patients whose blood vessels are significantly blocked and whose hearts are not receiving enough blood, will be eligible for the trials.
Doctors do not completely understand the cause of Raynaud's, but they believe the body's blood vessels overreact to cold.
If there is damage to the blood vessel wall, the blood and its contents may start leaking through the endothelial cells, through the blood-brain barrier, and into the perivascular space--that area around the blood vessels in the brain tissue.
He thinks that it might because, in animals, omega-3s keep blood vessels from closing after procedures similar to angioplasty and by-pass.
Tumors depend on the growth of new blood vessels (a process called "angiogenesis") to support their continued growth.
London, Nov 22 (ANI): A new study has revealed that tumours don't rely on their host's blood vessels for nourishment because they can make their own blood vessels.
Starting with bits of skin, scientists have produced new blood vessels in a laboratory and successfully implanted them into two patients, a medical first.
These in vitro results indicate that arsenite is capable of suppressing relaxation in blood vessels by inhibiting eNOS activity in endothelial cells and by impairing the relaxation machinery in smooth muscle cells.