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a breed of large powerful hound of European origin having very acute smell and used in tracking


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Also known as drag hunting, the cruelty-free sport sees a human "runner" laid with a scent who is then tracked down by blood hounds.
A breed that is gaining in popularity is the Bavarian Mountain Blood Hound.
Os relatos de caso sao: Diagnostico endoscopico e parasitologico e avaliacao do tratamento com milbemicina oxima em um caso de Spirocerca lupi em cao; Hipercalcemia maligna secundaria a carcinoma do saco anal em um cao - a importancia da identificacao das sindromes paraneoplasicas, Intranasal osteosarcoma in a blood hound dog: computed tomography, cytological and histopathological findings.
Dylan O'Brien at Blood Hound, a single-location bar in San Francisco, agrees.
That is, if they actually save that much after paying off huge loans they take to pay the blood hound agents to reach here in the first place.
I'mevenbetter looking now,havinggrown intomy features like amaturing blood hound.
Red Dog Rising" is the combination discussion of blood hound use in police work and memoir of retired K9 officer Jeff Schettler.
Although I seem to have developed a small tick that resembles a sniffing blood hound every time I pass one of the boys, things are starting to settle down and in my minds eye I picture Jim, stretched lazily in front of a crackling fire, smoking a pipe and giving a chuckle every now and then, wondering how four teenage boys are gettin' along in their first winter of trappin'.
The real blood hound was rewarded for his life saving act with a bag of doggie treats and a certificate for "nobly assisting the cause of canine welfare".