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Synonyms for blond

having light hair

Synonyms for blond

a light grayish yellow to near white

being or having light colored skin and hair and usually blue or grey eyes

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"She did not try this at home! Bleach blonde hair, regardless of your base color, must be done by a professional colorist to protect the integrity of the hair while achieving an even tone to your new color," celebrity hairstylist Kristan Serafino told ( Allure Thursday.
HALL OR NOTHING WITH her long blonde hair and even longer legs, Texan-born Jerry was a particular muse for musicians: appearing on the cover of Roxy Music's 1975 album Siren (at the time she was dating singer Bryan Ferry), and inspiring songs by the Rolling Stones.
Actress Portia Doubleday looks stunning with her 'Scandi' blonde hair colour while singer Rita Ora, left, perfectly carries off this season's trend for pastel shades with her pink bob
Nesbitt said: "I'd feel like a completely different person without my blonde hair - I even named my album, Peroxide, after it."
"This particular genetic variation in humans is associated with blonde hair, but it isn't associated with eye colour or other pigmentation traits," said lead researcher Professor David Kingsley, from Stanford University in the US.
When surveyors, cosmetic firm, constructed men and women's described faces using Shakira's blonde hair, Mila Kunis' eyes, Angelina Jolie's full lips, Megan Fox's chin, Freida Pinto's hair, Keira Knightley's cheekbones, Cara Delevingne's eyebrows and Scarlett Johansson's mouth, the results were 2 different versions of the 'ultimate face of beauty'.
A SIX-YEAR-OLD girl had her long blonde hair cut off yesterday to help children who have lost their hair through serious illness.
With these brilliant products made just for blonde hair, you can achieve the same results too.
Paris Hilton helped popularize blonde hair extensions in the U.S., but where does all that hair come from?
What is there to say about a ski wrapped in blonde hair that was purchased in an African shop?
Blonde hair fades and is difficult when it comes to holding a shine.
"I worked for five years to qualify as a lawyer, and anyone who knows me knows I have a level of intelligence that counters any image that might be perceived through having blonde hair.
electric blonde hair that reminds me of my daughter's hair before
Kelly Osbourne has promised her dad, rocker Ozzy Osbourne, that she won't get married until she has long, blonde hair. reports that the 24-yearold, who is engaged to model Luke Worrall, recently dyed her locks blonde and has revealed that her makeover is part of a promise she made her father about her wedding day.
Blonde hair has always been associated with the summer and there has never been a better time to relish sun-kissed locks.