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Synonyms for blog

a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies


Related Words

read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal

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A forum for the city's Catholic Worker and religious activist community edited by left-wing activist-around-town Mike Benedetti, who, with Nicole Apostola, has assumed management of the late blogger Jeff Barnard's comprehensive blogroll of area blogs.
But of those that are connected to the mainstream, this model shows that alternative blogs are not only connected to the mainstream blogosphere, but their internal interactions can have an impact on mainstream blogroll linking patterns.
Having outbound links to these leading sites means that the blog has greater weight in the search engine arena, but without Blogroll Builder the process of finding and adding those links can be tedious.
Many bloggers maintain that the best way to get on their blogroll is to put them on your own.
The homepage contains blogs by Romney, his wife, and their five sons (though Mitt himself hasn't updated since September), along with an impressive blogroll.
Me parece que habia mas contacto entre los bloggers, nos leiamos mucho, nos comentabamos mucho, nos enlazabamos mucho (tenia sentido tener un blogroll porque no era de 500 links).
The blogroll on his site lists over 100 international dance blogs that range from dancers to DM's own Wendy Perron.
com's "Research, Academia, and Education" blogroll (1) reveals that many women's and gender studies practitioners have taken their scholarly work online through weblogs.
Newsweek Interactive (WPNI), the online publishing subsidiary of The Washington Post Company, has said that German airline Lufthansa has signed on as the inaugural advertiser for travel blogs in WPNI's Sponsored Blogroll programme athttp://adv.
By contrast, in proximity blogs--with a very dense small cluster of blogroll networks--bloggers have daily and multiple exchanges because they have previously developed close links in real life.
Indeed, most blogs include a list of links to other blogs, referred to as a blogroll.
uk), "and even though you've said you read me every day you don't have me on your blogroll.
La primera pagina de un blog debe ofrecer un blogroll a sus lectores: una lista de vinculos con otros blogs o paginas web cuidadosamente seleccionados.