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Synonyms for blog

a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies


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read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal

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Pfister closes the chapter by explaining four principles that should be considered when studying the blogosphere such as the importance of blogging within the public sphere and its connection to and exploration of communicative practices, the necessity of a "pragmatic spirit" when exploring blogs and the networked public sphere, examples of blogging assist in the development of the vocabulary of the "networked rhetorical imaginary," and metaphors of communicative practices encourage the shift and development of public attention about a particular issue (pp.
Wallsten (2007b) found a bidirectional relationship in the political blogosphere, which was contrary to the previously accepted view that the relationship was unidirectional, as in traditional agenda-setting relationships (2007).
Recommendations and ratings are also powerful tools, not only enlivening blogosphere content and providing a useful source of information to blog readers, but also establishing a set of social values.
Our focus here is on political and news blogs as some of the most prominent sites within the Australian blogosphere.
Are blogs that cite biomedical literature more influential in the blogosphere than those that do not?
As such, scholars within the discipline of entrepreneurship should embrace the importance of the blogosphere within the practical community, and aggressively pursue the topics of blogging and the blogosphere as subjects under study in their future research efforts.
These technologies above could be applied in the comments opinion analysis in single blogosphere successfully.
Professor Adil Najam, Sitara-i-Imtiaz, of All Things Pakistan and Dr Awab Alwi of Teeth Maestro are two names synonymous with Pakistani blogosphere.
The blogosphere in Lebanon has recently witnessed several changes: the migration of some bloggers to newspapers, the publication of books containing material collected from electronic media, the launch of blogs by radio stations, and the birth of civil movements and new organizations that show the impact of blogs on the ground.
The Conservative Party didn't create the nasty right-wing blogosphere.
From these offline examples of marginal public spheres that are both independent of and yet not completely detached from the mainstream, it is clear that an examination of alternative weblog communities will assist in an understanding how the openness of political communication networks in the blogosphere may help facilitate ingroup communication and/or foreclose debate on minority issues in the mainstream.
According to Technorati's "State of the Blogosphere 2009" study, today's bloggers have the social networks and middle-class salaries to prove it.
Summary: A recent study at Harvard University maps out details of the Arabic blogosphere and its links to global networks.
It's a subject that is the topic of much debate, and the Marburgers are here to explain some of the myths floating around in the blogosphere.
Since last fall, Comcast has been monitoring the blogosphere and Twitter, listening to what customers have to say and then tracking them down to offer help.