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Synonyms for blog

a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies


Related Words

read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal

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Bloggers maintain a blog space in web blog community and on the blogosphere by sending multiple posts from time to time.
The blogosphere is the communication sub-space generated in the network through blogs.
6-7), Pfister also explicates the key terms supporting his study, including the blogosphere, networked media, and networked rhetoric.
Wallsten (2007b) found a bidirectional relationship in the political blogosphere, which was contrary to the previously accepted view that the relationship was unidirectional, as in traditional agenda-setting relationships (2007).
Moreover, social networking on the Internet is not limited to the people whom the user has met in the real world, but rather, new social networks can develop out of the blogosphere itself (Rheingold, 1993).
I have remained outside of this blogosphere as a "lurker," that is, as a passive audience member.
After the panel discussions, an interview with Cypriot bloggers took place on how the blogosphere is faring in Cyprus, while the panel rapporteurs were interviewed on the outcome of the discussions held.
iFabbo also introduces fashion and beauty brands to top bloggers in the industry along with online influencers and provides education on how to act and interact on the blogosphere and with bloggers.
To some extent, this happened--at least in the United States, the political blogosphere of which has been examined most comprehensively in the literature (e.g.
CHRISTOPHER KETCHAM'S tale of the origins and future of the Occupy Wall Street movement ("The New Populists") drew praise from the blogosphere for its in-depth portrayal of the movement that began in Zuccotti Park.
As more people begin to blog, many more people are also starting to rely on information provided by the blogosphere. Patients, caregivers, and doctors are increasingly turning to the blogosphere to search for information, discuss treatment options, and share their stories and experiences [2, 3].
In the spirit of reconciliation, we would like then to point out that after saying a Conservative member should withdraw his comments about Mr Miliband, Coun Malcolm added that the councillor was "not the only South Tyneside Opposition politician making offensive and unacceptable comments about Labour figures in the blogosphere".
"The blogosphere is not an area that is open to sensible debate.
Using the reputation evaluation into blogosphere will group the virtual community users more effectively and provide the data support for various complex applications.