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a hypothetical average man

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Joe Bloggs was synonymous with baggy jeans and T-shirts, the renaissance of flares and Manchester's Hacienda-dominated music scene of the late 1980s and 90s.
He couldn't explain to the audience that he had gigged with Billy Bloggs the week before and Bloggs had obviously stolen it.
Both these are suspiciously similar to the Bloggs beer you have been drinking in the local.
Matthew Woodward, 21, of Wyken, said: "It's lovely that it could just be Joe Bloggs from round the corner.
Crucially, our legislators are so far detached from the general public that they are not in the least bit interested or bothered about issues that concern Joe Bloggs.
0: How to use ANGELS to Energize Your Market is a top pick for any marketer or entrepreneur interested in using social networks, online communities, gaming, wikis, bloggs, RSS and more.
IC SAYS: It looked reckless rather than vicious but players should realise that lungeing in with the studs up is unacceptable, whether it's John Terry or Joe Bloggs who's doing it.
The dismissal of two senior managers may be more to do with ensuring others survive, and appeasing institutional shareholders, than finding Mr and Mrs Bloggs's bags and making sure they don't get lost again - should Mr and Mrs Bloggs ever decide to fly BA again.
But if you're a regular Joe Bloggs you cannot afford to pay pounds 150 - and why should you?
JamesWilloughby replies: My use of the word 'egalitarian' was meant to convey in this case that horses trained by highly successful yards that stock lots of improving horses should be treated just the same as the exposed bunch of Fred Bloggs the pig farmer.
The French coach lasted a bit longer in Glasgow - seven months and 31 games - but I don't care who you are, Paul Le Guen or Joe Bloggs, players can make or break managers.
If, like Mrs Bloggs, you need regular medication which is unlikely to change, your surgery can authorise all your prescriptions for up to a year ahead so you only need to see the chemist to collect your medication.
But how can they be responsible for nine-yearold Britney Bloggs turning up at Tipton Primary in a G-string, micro-skirt and low-cut top?
just felt the Joe Bloggs runners, many running for worthy causes, weren't celebrated enough on TV coverage
But Ferdinand said: "If you speak to Joe Bloggs and say, 'Kick It Out, what was the guy's name, what did he look like, was anyone there?