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Synonyms for blog

a shared on-line journal where people can post diary entries about their personal experiences and hobbies


Related Words

read, write, or edit a shared on-line journal

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It is alleged Ullah was responsible for a blog site which allegedly contained information about IS and cybersecurity guidance.
CommLab India's blog site can be accessed from mobile devices by downloading this simple app.
Jake Ejercito and Andi Eigenmann (Photo from his blog site)
Russian hacker attacks on the country's biggest blog site and a spy agency's warning to Gmail and Skype have raised fears that authorities are tightening their grip on dissent in a China-like assault on free speech.
The deal comes as part of AOL's acquisition spree this year, which involved the purchase of online video platform StudioNow, web video syndication company 5min Media, technology blog site TechCrunch, social networking software start-up Thing Labs and ad technology firm Pictela.
Ideally it will be original, but if you have your own blog site and you'd like to share content, we may consider it depending on subject matter.
"These include a newly launched 'Trainee Connect', a dedicated website for trainees, which enables new joiners to share experiences, and a trainee blog site called 'Spilling the Beans', designed and developed by six graduates from last year's intake."
The newsletter, which includes a weekly agenda on the music scene, runs on a free blog site rather than a paid-for website.
NOWwe knowwhatwas actually written inMP Denis Knowles'' blog site (reported in ECHO 29/3)we can make our own informed judgement.
England international Bent, pictured left, told of the tirade on social blog site Twitter, and warned: "The offender needs to hope I don't find out his name."
PNEUMATIC glam model JORDAN has been getting domestic gripes off her chest - by attacking hubby PETER ANDRE on blog site Twitter.
All this is healthy - far healthier than people simply snuggling up to whatever Web or blog site caters to their points of view.
When KWMU, the public radio station, recently decided to end its movie and theater criticisms and its food commentaries it meant that fans of Joe Pollack and his wife Ann Lemons Pollack would have to go to their blog site to get their views on local cultural matters.
FORMER Liverpool Council leader and next year's Lord Mayor, Mike Storey, leaked information to a blog site that alleged corruption and malpractice at the authority, it was claimed last night.
An example of an existing community blog site is Seattle's, which boasts a number of diverse posters and covers topics from finance and law to market trends.