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Synonyms for bloc

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Synonyms for bloc

an association, especially of nations for a common cause

a group of individuals united in a common cause

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Synonyms for bloc

a group of countries in special alliance

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Through the blocs, we can easily sort out these hitches without being magnified," he said.NATIONAL POLICYLREB CEO Abala Awanga said the fine-tuning of the national policy on regional blocs includes the funding aspect for the smooth running of the blocs.
In March, 14 counties formed the Lake Basin Economic Bloc.
The Amal Movement-led bloc suggested to Hariri that a quarter of Cabinet's seats be granted to women, Khalil said.MP Bahia Hariri
Amr Ezz, one of the bloc's founders, said the bloc attempts to unite all the revolutionary groups active on the street.
This paper looks at how the exogenous formation of the industrialised countries into symmetric trade blocs affects their use of strategic export subsidies in oligopolistic industries.
For the next 10 to 15 years, those on the inside of these blocs are going to have a stronger voice than those on the outside.
An optimist would say that regional (bloc) free trade is a necessary first step to world free trade.
class="MsoNormalPresident Kenyatta's call means the formation of the six regional economic blocs around the country could get the legal backing that had been missing.
His comments coincided with a flurry of intensified political activity and meetings by major blocs on the eve of a Parliament session to elect a speaker, deputy speaker and members of its Secretariat, a day after the new Parliament began its four-year mandate.
The meeting was attended besides Ennaceur by Noureddine Bhiri (Ennahdha Bloc), Sofiene Toubel (Nida Tounes bloc), Abderraouf Cherif (Machrou Tounes bloc), Ahmed Seddik (Popular Front bloc), Salem Labiadh (Democratic bloc), Noureddine Mrabeti (ULP bloc), Lilia Younes (Afek Tounes and Call of Tunisians abroad bloc) and Mustapha Ben Ahmed (Watania Bloc).
MANILA -- Various blocs in the House of Representatives vowed to block moves to impeach President Benigno Aquino III over the latest Supreme Court decision calling the president's Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) illegal.
Baghdad / NINA / - The head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party bloc in the House of Representatives Vian Sabri called on Kurdish blocs to meet to choose one candidate for the presidency.
The outcome of the first day of President Michel Aoun's binding consultations with political leaders and heads of parliamentary blocs on naming a new prime minister showed that Hariri has garnered the support of 86 MPs, or two-thirds of the 128-member legislature, out of the 90 lawmakers polled by the newly elected president.
He said the number of Nidaa Tounes MPs may exceed 70 before the deadline announced by the Bureau of the HPR (October 12, 2016) to determine the composition of parliamentary blocs.