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tower consisting of a multistoried building of offices or apartments


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l 1985: Leapt 170ft across a railway line in Otterspool lTried to leap the gap between two six-storey blocks of flats in Netherley.
Lovell got the contract through its membership of West Dunbartonshire Council s framework for carrying out fabric repairs to multi-storey blocks of flats.
Now Kirklees Council is discussing how to provide alternative communal recycling for large blocks of flats.
Since the installation of the 78 panels on the roofs of each of nine three-storey blocks of flats last August, electricity worth pounds 1,000 has been generated and fed back into the National Grid.
A report is being prepared outlining options for the future of low rise blocks of flats in Lillington Grove, Ber-rowside Road, Hollyberry Croft, Turnley Road and Glascote Grove, said Coun John Lines, head of housing at Birmingham City Council.
Replace shed roofs to blocks of flats in GRP and new upvc roofline - 4 blocks;
These proposed blocks of flats will intrude on the beauty of the Reservoir.
Housing chiefs are considering installing similar systems in other blocks of flats which have been dogged by arson attacks.
The parcel of land is being further developed by the SAHLM with blocks of flats of no particular interest by other architects.
The periodic cleaning of communal windows, doors and Pvcu cladding at Soha~s general needs blocks of flats and all communal windows, doors, Pvcu claddings and individual flat windows (extenal only) at Soha~s older person sheltered schemes.
The final two contracts for building stages five and six include the construction of three blocks of flats with underground parking.
the Works are Aimed at Increasing the Energy Performance of These Blocks of Flats So That Specific Annual Consumption of Energy for Heating Calculated, Falls Below 100 Kw Sqm of Usable Area, in Terms of Economic Efficiency.
The large green area in the centre of the nine blocks of flats has been transformed with off-street parking, a small patio and barbecue area and gardens for each block of flats with seating, bedding plants, metal screening and sculptures with images of wild animals and birds to provide a woodland feel.
The Government has released a 192-page document called Fire Safety In Purpose-Built Blocks of Flats.
RONALD REED of Cosham wins this week's tray of Pukka Pies for telling us that when Arsenal visited Pompey recently, they sang this version of Yellow Submarine: "We're all standing on a future block of flats, future block of flats, future blocks of flats.