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tower consisting of a multistoried building of offices or apartments


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The company had also failed to compensate around 12,000 who were without gas for over 24 hours during the past six years, and had no records of its gas pipes in 775 high rise blocks of flats in London.
The main criteria set against the purchase of homes on the open market would be: There is demand for the type and size of property in that area; the combined cost of buying the property and bringing it up to letting standards would represent value for money to the council; where the purchase of a property will enable the council to take complete, or majority, ownership of blocks of flats, making communal repairs much easier to complete; and homes purchased would meet the particular needs of households not currently available in the council stock, such as homes suitable for people with disabilities.
In addition to the seven new blocks of flats, SRV will also retain and renovate the office tower belonging to the Pohjola Building (tower A), a well-known landmark in the area, for new use.
"As with other large blocks of flats that we have, we do install CCTV to assist with managing anti-social behaviour and to improve the sense of security for our residents," Cllr Jackson said.
The move has been welcomed by the Association of Residential Managing Agents (ARMA), which represents 260 firms managing 34,000 blocks of flats ARMA chairman Peter Dening said: "The importance of this new guidance cannot be over-estimated.
ABOUT 200 people were evacuated from their homes today after a huge blaze at a building site spread to several blocks of flats in London.
Demolishing trees for the new development is bad enough, but dumping seven eight-storey blocks of flats on the edge of the site is unbelievable.
Families are fighting a building company amid fears that their quality of life will be ruined by controversial plans for three-storey blocks of flats on land near their bungalows.
The distinctive blocks of flats built by the City of Vienna between 1919-34 have long held the attention of those who believe that architecture has a role to play in making a better society.
Problem blocks of flats in the Black Country were demolished yesterday in a bid to breathe new life into a "troubled" housing estate.
TWO blocks of flats in Canley are to be demolished and replaced with 83 new homes after the proposals were backed by planning bosses.
He asked residents of blocks of flats who called the fire service to meet firefighters at the entrance to their residences to make it easier to locate the source of fires.
MORE than 300 people were evacuated from their homes today after a huge blaze at a building site spread to several blocks of flats.