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plan where and when songs should be inserted into a theatrical production, or plan a theatrical production in general

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prevent from entering

shield from light

indicate roughly

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I am sure that Blockout Traffic is a social app that brings people together in solving the horrendous traffic jam issue.
Electronics Art Inc (EA) (Nasdaq:ERTS), an interactive, entertainment software company, announced on Monday (18 February) that EA Mobile, a division of the company's Casual Entertainment Label, has made available the game, Tetris Blockout, for mobile phones.
Bryan Ochalla is the co-founder of BlockOut Wisconsin.
These three ownership variables (BLOCKOUT, DIRECTOUT, and INSIDER) attempt to measure directly the extent to which a target firm can be characterized as management-controlled.
The prime difficulty which has haunted efforts to develop a good professional-quality line of aqueous screenprinting products has been making a blockout agent (liquid or film) which doesn't require strong, unhealthy chemicals to remove it.
With the advanced coating technologies, coupled with the advancement in printing, plastics open up the door to durable applications at a more affordable rate." One of the more versatile options was Tekra's JetView[TM] Solvent Blockout Media.
"A turnover here, a blockout here, making a free throw here, and the score would've been different," Lipp said.
In making my screenprints, I use only water-soluble permanent inks, direct photo emulsion and screen filler blockout. The procedure uses no turpentine or lacquer thinner for cleanup or stencil preparation.
The products eligible for this offer include Roller Blockout - Portsea, Roller Blockout - Active, Roller Blockout - Contra, Roller Light Filter - Portsea, Roller Light Filter - Harmony, Roller Light Filter - Kirra, Roller Light Filter - Venus, Roller Light Filter - Matrix, Roller Sunscreen - Viewscreen 2500 and more.
Maybe it's a missed blockout on a rebound, extra hustle for a loose ball ...