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a stronghold that is reinforced for protection from enemy fire

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Re-joining his company he went forward to assault the second blockhouse and then as the battalion moved forward he led a party of men to clear a line of blockhouse that had been bypassed.
On two occasions during the Battle of Ypres, attacks by British and French troops faltered because concealed blockhouses were being defended by machinegun posts of the German army.
Some subjects, such as Phyllis the baby chimpanzee and the Project Moby Dick balloons, receive multiple pages of photographs; unfortunately, many of Holloman's blockhouses, test stands, and other unique features are absent.
Young, Blockhouses in Canada, 1749-1841: A Comparative Report and Catalogue, Occasional Papers in Archaeology and History 23 (Ottawa: Parks Canada, 1980).
In 1797, General James Wilkinson ordered that the post be made more defensible by the construction of two blockhouses.
Then, leading his six men towards the other two blockhouses, he cleared them, taking 60 prisoners, three machineguns and two trench mortars.
It says: "It was the first time men or officers had encountered blockhouses, but the Welsh Guards were not wanting in leaders to tackle them.
How those poor infantry soldiers of the 101st American Division managed to scale the heights under the gunfire from the concrete blockhouses on the top, I just don't know, but the film Saving Private Ryan depicted the scene far better than I can describe it.
Described as an obscure speck on the harsh Sicilian landscape, Primosole Bridge was, in 1943, a 400-foot-long box-girder-type bridge not unlike a Bailey bridge, guarded by concrete blockhouses sited at both ends of the span.
Due to their simple design and the abundance of timber, blockhouses were a quick and inexpensive method to protect the troops.
At that time, Fort Meigs was one of the largest forts in the United States, with eight blockhouses each connected by wooden palisades.
The guns themselves poked out of either six-inch-thick steel domes or concrete blockhouses designed to withstand everything from surface artillery to aerial bombardment.
The blockhouses for launch complexes 31 and 32, used to hold equipment and engineers during launches, are the only of their kind in the world.
In Tase's neighborhood there are a lot of sharp copper wires sticking out of the ground, from when they built all those blockhouses.