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a vote proportional in magnitude to the number of people that a delegate represents

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'It is when we elect you back we can have the best performance Haven you garner enough experience to lead, I know you can replicate your leadership style with good work, resulting to the consolidation of all round work if we can give you our block votes,' Modu said.
Currently sitting Labour MPs face a "trigger ballot" where each local branch, union branch and affiliated society branch in their constituency gets a block vote on whether to keep them before a general election.
So the block vote has gone and, in any case, leaders will now openly declare that, not only will such "unhelpful" motions not become manifesto promises if they do miraculously make it past the Conference Arrangements Committee, they will in fact be ignored completely and with some enthusiasm.
In all, 46 candidates remained in the running for 16 board seats, with Finance Ministry Director General Christos Patsalides casting a block vote, representing the 18% stake of the "legacy Laiki" depositors.
Others were also pulled because the rules set up around the budget bill made them susceptible to a parliamentary tactic called a point of order that would block votes on them.
Under the existing proportional representation system, political groups and parties submit lists of their candidates before the election and are given seats in accordance with their share of block votes. They then grant the block seats to candidates based on the order on the lists.
Denbighshire Council blamed human error after block votes cast for Paul Penlington were counted in Allan Pennington's total.
I attended several scrutiny meetings along with many colleagues and carers and can only described the meetings as a carve-up in the way the ruling majority of Conservatives used their block votes to reject any moves suggested by the other political parties and carers to inject some common sense into the "so-called" consultation exercise on whether the Bryneithin Home closes.
It's that time of year again when Terry Wogan takes the mickey, some Balkan backwater takes the prize, and the UK tries to avoid taking the wooden spoon as the block votes pile up against us.
They are furious about the PM's two per cent ceiling on public sector wage claims and his plans to strip them of block votes on Whitehall policy.
Senate Democrats had used filibuster rules to block votes on Brown and Pryor.
Union block votes would then be split proportionally when the party chooses mayoral candidates in future.
Big union block votes won the day for Michael on 52.7 per cent of the poll - but it was a hollow victory.
The unions backed Mr Michael two to one but Mr Morgan's supporters attacked the transport workers, engineers and the GMB for using block votes to secure his downfall.
They assured Saraki of delivering block votes for all the candidates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the February 16 and March 2 elections.