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To test efficiency of the blade locking design, I shot the T1 through a number of targets with various foam construction--portable block style and 3-D targets.
She did not however want the same block style structures, although the classic Mexican interior, with its built in seating and beds, sparsely
as well as 19 and 38 mm bore sizes, with threaded or block style mounting.
Offering 3-way and 4-way flow control, the Multiport series valves are available in two different body styles, a compact standard port and a block style full port.
If there is a downside, the fabric of some of the hotels,built years ago in the rather intimidating,old Soviet block style,need urgent upgrades.
Instead, designers use styles that are simple variations of the basic block style that they learned as children in school, Figure 2-9.
Another forgotten treasure is the former National Provincial Bank,facing Water Street and Fenwick Street,of 1934.Like Martins Bank, it embodies the North American city block style. A seemingly routine classical facade masks an interior hidden from view for several years after its last occupant,General Accident,moved out.
The block style in the above example is (to me) uninviting.
"We're saying that we're the California winery and we want to have some fun." The tray packs use the Cuvee 2000 color scheme, a gorgeously rich combination of brilliant purples and gold foil in a modern block style. It's a high-octane look that will command shelf presence.
Two new jacquard designs, a graphic block style and a combination of placed stripes and mingle-blocks, coordinate back to the solid colors.
Panal Puzzle offers a truly unique experience to gamers that have been inundated by the many tangram and block style puzzles currently available.
Butcher's block style worktops have been .tted in the kitchen with space for integrated oven and hob, microwave, dishwasher, washing machine and fridge freezer.
Team Leader for Kirklees Community Fire Safety, Nick Stenhouse, said plugging household items into cheap block style adapters could cause electrical fires, and that residents should buy the safer strip adapters.