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an outdoor sale of used personal or household items held on the seller's premises

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Last January, casino magnate Kazuo Okada asked the PSE to deny, or at least defer, the block sale for the backdoor listing of Tiger.
A block sale will be offered again "in the near future," Sobhani said.
Following completion of the sale, the Rice Trust plans to repay in full and retire the line of credit, upon which, the remaining shares of Rice common stock not sold in the block sale will be released from their pledge under the security agreement.
Both the hedging transaction and the block sale serve to raise significant funds of approximately Dh2 billion for further diversification of the company's portfolio while reducing balance sheet risk and lowering the company's cost of capital.
The government sold 23.24 million shares in the Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK), equivalent to 4.2 percent of the bank's total shares, in a block sale on November 27.
GS at the time said the block sale was the largest ever handled by a single trading company.
A secondary public offering or a block sale is however not considered as an option, the finance minister said, denying previous media reports about a possible cross-shareholding between the two carriers.
Kookmin, which had received the KB Financial shares when the firm converted into a holding company structure, could also sell the stake through a block sale or through a private placement, the report said.
Turkey has earned 20.3 billion USD from block sale, 9.3 billion USD from sale of facilities, and 7.1 billion USD from public offering between 1985 and 2009.
Chip maker Hynix Semiconductor fell 1.9% to KRW23,500 following recent gains and a somewhat dovish chip industry outlook, despite earlier news that creditors had sold a 4.14% stake in the company via a block sale, pushing forward their efforts to exit from the chip maker.
Judge's Ruling in Texas Rangers Bankruptcy Case Could Pave Way for Lenders to Block Sale (
Judge's Ruling in Texas Rangers Bankruptcy Case Could Pave Way for Lenders to Block Sale (
May 7, 2010 - US industrial giant General Electric (NYSE:GE) is pondering over a block sale or a public offering as possible ways to offload its 20.85% interest in Turkish Garanti Bank (IST:GARAN), a source in the know told Reuters today.
The ministry said that it had on Tuesday placed 100m shares through an off-exchange block sale underwritten by Lehman Brothers.