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Synonyms for blockbuster

a large bomb used to demolish extensive areas (as a city block)

an unusually successful hit with widespread popularity and huge sales (especially a movie or play or recording or novel)

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The visitors were thrilled to watch Akkineni's block buster film 'Manam' too in the preview theater.
This would see Galeri become the largest full-time independent cinema in Gwynedd, Anglesey and Conwy, showing block-sey block buster and current movies as soon as they come out.
Cinepax Rawalpindi, is the popular cinema is attracting the audience of twin cities through showing block buster Indian and Hollywood movies in a very decent environment.
Many activities have recently taken place along the national coastline such as filming of international block buster movies, the influx of tourists and an increase in transport logistics
Picture: TRACY Frankie and the Heartstrings arrived on stage to Block Buster by Sweet an aptly glam intro for the man with the flowing locks and paisley shirt.
THE sequel to the first Obama administration is expected to be a block buster that will put the Indo- US relationship on a fast track.
As you'd expect, you'll find choice succulents, but also block buster vertical gardens set in repurposed planters.
A PVR Pictures release of a Sunshine Pictures presentation of a Block Buster Movie Entertainers production in association with Cinema Capital Venture Fund.
QUESTION: Which one of these actors did NOT star in the 2003 Christmas Block Buster Love Actually?
BE: With no evidence that this would become a block buster, what signposts indicated that you were on the right track?
With its easy access to the 1,2,3 subway line at Lenox Avenue, the 4,5,6 subway line at Lexington Avenue and the Metro North Railroad on Park Avenue, 125th Street is now home to stores such as Starbucks, Block buster, Dunkin' Doughnuts, Staples, Footlocker, Marshall's, Old Navy Pathmark, H&M and The Body Shop.