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a vote proportional in magnitude to the number of people that a delegate represents

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Bloc voting of all kinds, he argued, was the enemy of good governance.
Unfortunately, due to the undemocratic 'bloc voting' system within the European Parliament, a vote for this amendment would also have been a vote for the other 50 - some of which would have been detrimental to the UK taxpayer.
"e jury vote counts for 50% and the public vote counts for 50% - that was brought in to counter bloc voting, although it's true that bloc voting has always been part of Eurovision, and the UK and Ireland have done that as well.
Opening papers seek to explain the causal factors behind Obama's victory--which the introduction somewhat dubiously (considering the amount of Wall Street and other corporate money being poured into his campaign coffers at very early stages) claims that "no social scientist could have predicted"--looking at past strategies of Black electoral success; African American bloc voting; the roles of age, race, and gender in voting behavior; the roles of the Black and Latino press; and the role of Bill Clinton.
The bloc voting has been changed (it's now 50 per cent national jury, 50 per cent televoting) and, after too many early starts, we've finally got the perfect draw...
He may have quit the Eurovision Song Contest in protest at the bloc voting, but he wants one last word.
Vote dilution "is a process whereby election laws or practices, either singly or in concert, combine with systematic bloc voting among an identifiable group to diminish the voting strength of at least one other group." (4) The LULAC court demanded an express inquiry into the causal relationship between the challenged electoral scheme and the alleged vote dilution, (5) Statistical evidence indicating a correlation between race and voting preferences no longer sufficed to prove racial bloc voting if some factor other than race, such as party affiliation, could also explain the divergence.
This year's contest was marred by accusations of so-called "bloc voting", with eastern European nations occupying the top 15 places.
"The board also will employ bloc voting for decisions, which essentially means that the community and Triad each will have an equal voice in corporate governance," the trustees said.
"Now that the European Parliament voted overwhelmingly to set up such an inquiry - with only the Socialist bloc voting against - Labour is manoeuvring to muzzle it by taking it over."
After considerable, lively debate, the amendment was defeated, largely (but not exclusively, since many LPA chapter delegates also voted against it) on the strength of the other unions' bloc voting.
Douglas Wilder, "it has been virtually impossible for blacks to elect their own in mostly white districts because of racial bloc voting."
The Republican National Committee has also been active on this front, calculating that racial bloc voting would facilitate the organization of the white South - an effort that achieved some success in the 1994 elections.