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a vote proportional in magnitude to the number of people that a delegate represents

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This evidence include[d]: a geographically compact and politically cohesive minority group; a white bloc vote that is usually sufficient to defeat the combined strength of minority and white crossover votes; a history of official discrimination against the minority group; the lingering socioeconomic effects of discrimination against the minority group; structural mechanisms, including giant election districts, that tend to enhance the dilutive nature of at-large election schemes; and an appalling lack of minority representation on the district court bench.
By ruthlessly exploiting the apathy of the majority of members they have succeeded in turning our ballot type of election into a near replica of the discredited bloc vote system.
The exception was the Transport and General Workers Union, whose decisive 30,200 bloc vote was cast for acceptance according to area conference decisions: a methodology described by opponents as being akin to "jerrymandering", but justified because officials claimed a 'knowing' of their members and 'their desire'.
The Trimble camp talk about an Orange bloc vote and a Young Unionist vote swelling the anti-agreement ranks.
Yet they knew the final result of the survey - on Labour voting reform - would be cast as a bloc vote for the union at conference.
Each of the Budgetary headings being the object of a separate or bloc vote, the proposed global Budget is not submitted to scrutiny.
We conduct our analyses using logistic regression with two dependent variables: the intended vote for the two major parties, Likud-Labor, over the 1969-96 period; and the Right-Left Bloc Vote since 1981.
Frank Smith had gained political preferment by utilizing the threat of an Irish Catholic bloc vote.
Some choices may be unexpected--new inductees Jack Nicholson, Jamie Lee Curtis and Parker Posey began their careers in B-Movies before hitting the A-list, and a huge number of Laurel & Hardy fans pushed a bloc vote for "The Flying Deuces.
On Monday, the university's administrative staff condemned the "unacceptable and undemocratic" way in which internal regulations had been changed, three weeks before the elections, reducing the department's bloc vote.
Far from the bloc vote, I would blame it on Brown, a total loser.
MINUTES after the Eastern Europe bloc vote ensured Russia won this year's Eurovision Song Contest, Terry Wogan had an epiphany.
But veteran Unison organiser and Plaid Cymru Assembly candidate Ian Titherington said, 'I'm not naive enough to believe there will be a huge bloc vote transferring from Labour to Plaid, but I think it's a responsibility Plaid Cymru has, to offer a viable alternative to Labour in Wales.
In the wake of the Rev Martin Smyth's leadership challenge and the RUC vote that went against him at the last council meeting, there was all this talk about the Orange Order wielding a bloc vote.
Word is that there's even been an avid push within the academy's 394-member studio executive branch to bloc vote for ``Maguire,'' the one home team hope.