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Synonyms for blob

Synonyms for blob

an indistinct shapeless form

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They include blob fishes, which are cousins of Mr Blobby, who was voted the world's ugliest animal in 2013 by the Ugly Animal Preservation Society and became a global media sensation.
Mr Blobby's classic lyrics included the memorable lines: "Blobby, Mr Blobby, you're the guy who puts the do in do or die Blobby, Mr Blobby, your deeds are guaranteed to stupefy.
But has Dan forgotten the most unbelievably awful seasonal chart topper in 1993 - "Mr Blobby" by Mr Blobby (courtesy of Noel Edmonds)
The technologies described here could be used to create whole new areas of architectural protocols, spatial tactics and epistemologies, but architects seem content on continually going over the same tired blobby blinkered ground.
Gallagher has an enormous vocabulary of shapes, and the transmutations of her blobby wigs from frame to frame have a novelistic or, rather, comic book-like flow: We are asked to decipher a narrative, spatial rather than sequential, that charts the stylistic variation exercised by a certain population over a certain period of time.
Owner June Pullon has produced the costumes for Mr Blobby, the Honey Monster and Sooty in a showbusiness career spanning more than 30 years.
Astronomers have suggested that when two spiral galaxies merge, they form a blobby elliptical galaxy.
Blobby, Master Axe and Raymond Brigg's The Snowman and Father Christmas.
The majority of Welsh television audiences have better taste that to watch shows and characters similar to Noel Edmonds's Mr Blobby, a metaphor for a nation gone soft in the head and proof of England's deep seated attraction to trash.
The "creative genius" behind Mr Blobby is advising us on Welsh language policy.
VILLAGERS yesterday threatened to revive their famous Mr Blobby protest tactics if plans for a controversial sewage pipe go ahead.
In the charts MR Blobby with Mr Blobby was thankfully at the end of its short stay in the top spot.
I'm looking forward to a lengthy musical medley featuring Chris Waddle and Glenn Hoddle, Mr Blobby and that hilarious opera singer from the Go Compare adverts while the Chuckle Brothers should be on hand to ensure that all the changes of scenery go smoothly.