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Danish writer who lived in Kenya for 19 years and is remembered for her writings about Africa (1885-1962)

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In 1949 Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen was her pseudonym) decided, as Frantz Leander Hansen notes, "that it was time to write for her American readers.
But in truth, it was the enjoyment of killing big game that motivated Roosevelt, Blixen, and her friends to hunt, rather than any laudable desire to bring animal populations into balance with human land users.
71; on Operation 30 Hours, see Samuel Blixen, Seregni: La manana siguiente, 2d ed.
Karen is unable to bear children as a result of disease, the syphilis she contracts from Blixen.
Starring Meryl Streep as Karen Blixen (Dinesen) it recalls the years she spent in Africa between 1913 and 1931.
Karen Blixen (Isak Dinesen) quoted a myth about spotted hyenas in Out of Africa (1938):
Karen Blixen (Meryl Streep) has come to run a coffee plantation in Kenya and find adventure.
Spirit of adventure: Out of Africa by Karen Blixen, The Beach by Alex Garland, On The road by Jack Kerouac.
Back in Nairobi, must-sees are the Karen Blixen museum, set in the house the Out of Africa author lived in, and the AFEW Giraffe Centre, where Rothschild's giraffes have been bred by the African Fund for Endangered Wildlife.
Skrywers soos Blixen, Huxley en Cavendish wat eens in Afrika gewoon het, word betrek, asook die stemme van ander ontdekkingreisigers en koloniale geskiedskrywers.
Although her references to history underpin all of her readings, she also consults the novels of Jane Austen, the poetry of Fernando Pessoa's Alberto Caeiro, the short stories of Raymond Carver and Karen Blixen.
On another level, a certain self-consciousness set in with the international propagation and, ultimately, the marketing of anything that could be labeled "colonial" or "Raj" Ralph Lauren's clothing designs, evoking a fevered fantasy of deluxe safaris led, perhaps, by Bror yon Blixen for the benefit of Teddy Roosevelt, were one manifestation of this trend.
The Whole Hog is a composite of intimate letters, lists, anecdotes, diary entries, imagined reconstructions ("Borges and I"), farewells to departed friends, inscriptions on cemetery headstones, observations on Karen Blixen and Djuna Barnes, among others, and a variety of curious takes on history.
What did Karen Blixen [author of Out of Africa] know about this, I wondered.
His literary essays in Onni tieto tuska (1990) -- on poems by Aleksis Kivi and Aaro Hellaakoski, novels by Jukka Larsson and Sakari Issakainen, nouvelles by de Maupassant, and tales by Blixen