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Synonyms for blitzkrieg

a swift advance or attack


Synonyms for blitzkrieg

a swift and violent military offensive with intensive aerial bombardment

fight a quick and surprising war

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Contrary to common misconception, when Germany unleashed its blitzkreig on Poland in 1939 precipitating World War II, its military forces were woefully unprepared, especially in regards to small arms.
In addition, Obama plans to train ''moderate'' Syrian rebels to take on IS and to reconstitute the Iraqi army, parts of which fled an IS blitzkreig across northern and western Iraq.
Something loud and fast like 'Blitzkreig Bop' by The Ramones will separate who we wanted to invite (dancing) from who we had to invite (not-dancing).
London in 1948 was a city recovering from the severe damage inflicted by the "blitzkreig" Nazi German bombardment.
These particularly plucky activists continue the tradition begun in 2011 of a peaceful blitzkreig of Israel from all sides, risking life and limb, enforcing a kind of physical "citizens boycott" of Israel, complementing the spiritual one by the young Jesses.
The country's largest car maker is also planning a blitzkreig of new launches and to debut in the multi-utility vehicle (MUV) segment.
Awopbopaloobop: Legendary Little Richard There'll be a riot going on: Sly Stone and Family Stoned: Band with Brian Blitzkreig pop: Punk kings The Ramones Here's Johnny: Public Image Limited King of Motor City: Iggy Eight miles high: The Byrds would fly at T Sensational: Alex There'll be a riot going on: Sly Stone and Family Gonna have a party: Bobby says Screamadelica gig will be band's best
"This is not responsible development, it is a blitzkreig attack upon the planning system.
But City Of Life actor Sonu Sood -- who hardly features in any of the promotional blitzkreig alongside Khan -- harbours no such insecurities.
A European seat here or a council seat there would give the BNP a foothold on power which could turn into a blitzkreig.
The French soldiers are shown to have fought bravely, but were led by men clearly not up to the task, whose response to the German Blitzkreig was to lapse into doing nothing about it.
JOHN HODGSON, the former Blitzkreig Bop'per and Basczax keyboardist surfaced as Red Sky to twice herald Boro cup finals now he's recorded a full fledged album provocatively titled Live Young Die Fast.
Highlights include the blitzkreig rock of Dresden's Ultimatum, the raw acoustic power of Katie Sutherland's Anymore and the heavy post-Britpop indie of The Black Alley Screens' The Camera Never Lies.
Scot Stephen Hendry's 71 minutes previous record time during a 6-0 International Open semifinal victory over Dave Harold 13 years ago, went into the shredder as O'Sullivan destroyed Dale with a blitzkreig of heavy scoring.