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packaging in which a product is sealed between a cardboard backing and clear plastic cover


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CUTLINE: (PHOTO 1) The Keller family, from left, Dave, Steve and their father, Harold, produce clamshell and blisterpack packaging at their plant, K&K Thermoforming Inc.
Guillin Emballages of Zone Industrielle, BP 89, 25290 Omans, France, tel:+33 3 81 40 23 45 have developed a clamshell blisterpack they call the Captipack for packaging kebabs.
This was defined as the smallest medication sample unit that could be dispensed without opening a bottle (if liquid), blisterpack (if tablets), or container.
Compliance recording blisterpack with printed sensors and interconnects as used with 30,000 patients in the national Institutes of Health trial of the drug Azithromycin in 2006
National Institutes of Health/Fisher Scientific compliance monitoring blisterpack
The BP Series of BlisterPack machines are designed to provide pharmaceutical manufacturers with enhanced convenience, ease of operation, and regulatory compliance.
When Sula makes fun of poor black Jude, the rest of us (that's everybody male and pale who's ever appeared in a suit, a tie and a Beltway blisterpack on Ted Koppel's Nightline) are merely incidental.
Stardust(TM) pens come in blisterpack assortments of four and six pens and are also available individually.
The packaging has been changed from bottle to an easy-to-use blisterpack, with each blisterpack having 24 tablets (12 days' supply for the typical patient).
While blisterpacks are more popular in Europe right now Almac sees them as a growing trend in the United States especially as more emphasis is put on patient compliance.