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packaging in which a product is sealed between a cardboard backing and clear plastic cover


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This blister pack is prepackaged with the patients medications for 1 week, allowing 4 cubes for morning medications, afternoon medications, dinner and bedtime medications.
Since then, more than 2100 kilograms of contact lenses and blister packs have been recycled in the US.
The TGA's statement explained that it was identified that blister pack sheets containing other medicines have been substituted into some packs of Valium 5mg tablets.
Louis based company provides clamshell packaging, clear plastic tubes, transparent boxes, blister packs, plastic trays and plastic containers, jars, and vials.
DRUGS SEIZURE -- Customs District Collector Edgar Macabeo, assigned to the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, and operatives of the Bureau of Customs Anti-Illegal Drugs Task Force and the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency present to media P2 million worth of prescription drugs in blister packs intercepted at the airport, yesterday.
The perforated blister packs allow for detachment for other intake times or taking medications on the go.
VisionScan is a non-destructive seal and leak detection device for pharmaceutical blister packs, which can identify 100% of defective pockets across a range of pack types.
Among other medical device containers, blister packs and glass vials will post the fastest growth.
Essentially, the taxpayer purchased pills from third parties in bulk and repackaged the pills into blister packs that it manufactured from plastic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and lidding material.
3AVOID the pain of long-distance running by stocking up on blister packs.
3AVOID die pain of long-distance running by stocking up on blister packs.
The tablets are packaged in unique blister packs to rn protect their integrity.
PP blister packs have many advantages over older aluminum and PVC blisters, and yet these traditional, inefficient products remain all too prevalent in the industry.
Most of the residents' medications were prepackaged in blister packs for ease of dispensation and control.