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packaging in which a product is sealed between a cardboard backing and clear plastic cover


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Conversely, had the taxpayer not manufactured the packaging and only repackaged and labeled the purchased pills into blister packs manufactured by a third party, then the exception would apply, and the MPGE requirement would not be met because no other MPGE activities would have been performed in addition to the repackaging, labeling, and packaging activities outlined in the exception.
Aras will drive the entire document control and release process for the production of patient-individual blister packs.
The amount of aluminium can be reduced 500-1,000-fold compared to current medicine blister packs.
She was understood to have been surrounded by empty blister packs and empty bottles of pills.
PLASTIC blister packs are a pain to open for most of us but this gizmo makes the task a whole lot easier.
A Commission probe into the deal had concluded a merged Amcor-Alcan combine would have had "a strong position in this market and in particular in the areas of laminated pharmaceutical sachets and in cold form foil used for blister packs.
KMV models have a built-in pressure box with a water-cooling plate as the mold base, allowing use of less expensive tooling without a cooling circuit for simple parts like blister packs without a lot of depth or definition.
The ACF-400 off-line carton coder, available with either thermal transfer or hot foil printing technology, is designed to handle a wide range of cartons, sleeves, blister packs and leaflets from 0.
The two variants--Spearmint with a twist of Melon and Peppermint with a twist of Berry--are sold in blister packs of nine pellets (rsp: 49p).
dose instructions and branding can be printed onto the blister packs, with the
CHICAGO -- Organizing the pills that elderly patients need to take into customized blister packs, and combining this with periodic medication teaching sessions, boosted dosing adherence to almost 100% and enhanced the efficacy of the drug regimens in a controlled study with about 200 patients.
Maca, a non-prescription natural antioxidant, energizer, revitalizer and aphrodisiac will be sold as a nutritional dietary supplement in blister packs of 60 and 100 capsules under the name Real Maca.
Because many patients in such a "closed system" are on similar medications, prescription drugs are often packaged in single use or blister packs.
The book is divided by industry sector in order to provide sensible comparisons between similar formats such as pharmaceutical blister packs, detergent standup pouches and snack food flexible plastic bags and wraps.