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Synonyms for blink


on the blink

the blink of an eye


  • an instant
  • a second
  • a minute
  • no time
  • a flash
  • a moment
  • a split second
  • a tick
  • a twinkling
  • a trice
  • a jiffy
  • two shakes
  • a shake
  • two shakes of a lamb's tail
  • the bat of an eye

Synonyms for blink

to open and close the eyes rapidly

to shine with intermittent gleams

to pretend not to see

a brief closing of the eyes

Synonyms for blink

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In these studies, daily, low-frequency ES hastened the onset of recovery of the eye blink reflex by reducing the initial delay in sprout formation rather than by increasing the rate of axonal regeneration, indicating that ES acts primarily on events in the early stages of recovery [5-7].
The blink reflex is brought about by eye movement and air movement around the eyes.
The blink reflex normally protects it, but when the eye is hurt it is called a corneal abrasion.
For a science project, it's best to measure the blink reflex when the test subject doesn't know, you're observing him or her," Demorest suggests.
Reduced corneal sensitivity is associated with dry eye and also with a decrease in the blink reflex, impediment of epithelial healing, a compromised rate of epithelial cell mitosis, decrease in tear flow, and with the onset of keratitis.