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Russian pancake of buckwheat flour and yeast

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SERVES 8 (makes about 32) PREP 40 mins COOK 20 mins EASY [yen]a blinis only
The blinis, mild little pancakes, and the creme fraiche can be made ahead of time.
Blinis recipe Makes about 24 blinis, about 4 cm in diameter 150g white flour (type 55) 50g buckwheat flour 1 teaspoon salt 1 teaspoon (about half a packet) instant-blending dr7 yeast 1 egg 3dl warm milk sunflower oil for frying the blinis Sift together the flours, salt and dry' yeast into a bowl or the goblet of a food processor.
Arrange three mini blinis per person on serving plates, top with 50g smoked salmon per person, then a poached egg and a big spoonful of the sauce.
32,000 blinis! That's how many of those delicious little pancakes are packed every hour by the Marel IPL Robot system at the Blini factory which is located just outside the historic city of Caen, Normandy, France.
With its compact, but varied menu, Granny's Pie offers a range of blinis - similar to a crepe or thin pancake stuffed with different meats, fish or vegetables; a selection of pirogi - 32cm pies that are baked and similar to a quiche as they contain a mixture of fillings; and traditional salads.
No novelty cupcakes here, just piles of smoked salmon blinis, lashings of champagne and - at 3am - a blazing row about reform of the House of Lords involving Vince Cable, Jermain Defoe and burlesque artist Dita von Teese.
The affable Group AB prefer a balanced diet with equal measure of both individual blood types and can choose from Spiced Tofu pumpkin and corn blinis or Barbequed Kolkata beckti.
Blinis are the perfect party food - great with smoked salmon and a glass of Champagne.
The first items to pass our lips, were the roasted pumpkin and spinach salad and smoked salmon with blinis and crE me fraiche.
These baby blinis are topped with soured cream and organic smoked salmon for stunning canapes.
"So if regulators can't save the fish, epicureans may find themselves spreading paddlefish roe on their blinis." Ms.
WAITROSE PARTY NIBBLES From top: Spicy Pork Croquettes with Nacho Crumb, PS6/12; 12 Smoked Salmon Blinis (on six beetroot & six spinach blini bases), PS7, Waitrose
BLINIS WITH WHIPPED GOATS CHEESE AND BLUEBERRIES AND BLACK PEPPER CHUTNEY BLINIS (a traditional Russian pancake) are great little nibbles to have before dinner or as a snack.