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Synonyms for bling

flashy, ostentatious jewelry


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The funnyman reckons Lexus is a Japanese Mercedes - and, truthfully, the IS300 gives all the refinement of its German rivals without the boastful bling-bling factor.
CAVEMEN were the first to indulge in a bling-bling lifestyle.
We're pulling kids away from the bling-bling rap world.
So if you want a mild-mannered, untemperamental banshee that's neither flash nor bling-bling, I can't recommend the E55 highly enough.
Part fine art, part folk art, with a dash of bling-bling thrown in, the recent sculptures in Anna Sew Hoy's West Coast solo debut cobble together materials as disparate as driftwood, perfume bottles, and back issues of National Geographic, all with guidance from the art of ikebana.
OK,it helps she has a figure to die for,bank-loads ofdosh to splash out on bling-bling finery and a posse of make- up artists to conceal any imperfections, but just look at the way this lady stands
Conventional music biz wisdom has it that while there might be a novelty single in one of these people, the hard-core rap audience will never support them because the gay rappers don't represent a lifestyle this audience would like to live--bitches, ho's, block-long Navigators, and bling-bling being more their style.
Fling wears a one carb Bling-Bling around his neck and enjoys being the center of attention with the tag line 'It's all about the Bling
Which begs the question: Does this bling-bling actually belong to former Bruins quarterback Tom Ramsey, and, if so, why would he want to dump it so unceremoniously?
The 77-year-old actress, who plays chain-smoking Dot Cotton, ditched her old raincoat for a white suit, leopard-print stilettos and bling-bling jewellery in a cool magazine photo-shoot.
MEN are buying more bling-bling jewellery than ever, says a new report out yesterday.
Where are all the not-yet-total trogs, but not still bling-bling homies?
Sacha Baron Cohen is a talented force to be reckoned with and for those cynics who think we've had enough of the bling-bling boy from Staines, there's the wonderful Borat `I want a blonde with plough experience' and the brilliant Bruno, a model who sends up the whole vacuous, soulless world of fashion.