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a gathering of people to taste and compare different wines

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There is some fierce competition from many countries in the olive oil category so we are honored that our oils stood our in the blind tastings," said Mike Coldani, Chief Olive Oil maker for Coldani Olive Ranch.
The competition is under the auspices of the OIV and the ministry is obliged to follow its rules and regulations in terms of blind tasting, marking the wines and distributing the medals.
In the new series, Torode and Wallace will do a series of "blind tastings" to pick their favourite plates of food.
In the new series, hosts John Torode and Gregg Wallace will do a series of "blind tastings" to pick their favourite plates of food, with no idea of who prepared them.
When he became the proprietor of Varietal, he decided to offer the "Master of Wine Flight" as homage to those who have studied for the coveted wine qualification and thus underwent the blind tastings that are an integral part of the exam.
The hopefuls taking part will be assessed on a series of challenges, to include blind tastings and questionnaires on wine, cigars and service.
During his talk, he will tell members why, in blind tastings conducted by the BBC, he beilieves many top chef's prefer Middle White Pork.
The event attracted nearly 300 entries and was judged in blind tastings by an expert panel of fourteen.
While similar blind tastings were held last year, they were geared mainly to distributors.
Attendees will have access to a series of free-of-charge seminars featuring topics such as restaurant wine list pricing, new varietal trends, wine and food pairings, comparisons of Old World and New World wines, and structured blind tastings, as well as the free-ranging floor sampling available.
In fact, our delicious meals were ranked first in recent blind tastings by and”
"The course was intense, 9am to 10pm each day, and the examination was difficult, especially the blind tastings, but I am thrilled to have passed.
Their decision will be based on blind tastings of just one spoonful of food - the culinary equivalent of a verse and a chorus.
The Marks & Spencer Belgian Collection came top of the chocs in a series of blind tastings by consumer watchdogs, followed by Waitrose and Tesco.
He's a sample of one meeting: "The Committee undertook blind tastings of English white and sparkling wines, red and white beverage wines, vintage Champagne, 2005 Red Burgundy, 2004 Red Bordeaux wines and made recommendations from which the Secretary made purchases for the Government Cellar."