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a gathering of people to taste and compare different wines

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Wanting to advance her wine knowledge, Kowal attended the Luxicon wine seminar and wine blind tasting event at The Peninsula Chicago surrounded by certified sommeliers from around the Midwest, including two master sommeliers.
"I did a blind tasting this year and I thought the standard was so much better than I had tasted a few years ago.
Verdict: Lemony, more body than most Morrisons The Best Prosecco Spumante PS7.50 reduced from PS8.50 until Jan 2, Morrisons In my blind tasting I wasn't as impressed with this side by side with other proseccos on offer; but a day later, on its own, it redeemed itself.
The Beverage Testing Intitute also made blind tasting reviews on some of the best liquors in the world such as Jura, Johnnie Walker and Dewar's of Scotland, Bacardi of Puerto Rico, Jim Beam of US, and Jagermeister Liqueur of Germany.
Regan said the whisky, which sells in Canada for PS35 a bottle, was chosen after a blind tasting contest taken by MPs.
The judges felt that Pusch's constant experience at his restaurant helped him in the service and food-matching stages, whilst his broad knowledge on sake helped him in the blind tasting element.
Wines that passed the first review on paper were then put through a blind tasting panel for final selection.
I have stated before that one of the worst things an oenophile can face is a blind tasting. Not even an experienced Sommelier could be successful in most of them, so doing one in front of others will most likely embarrass you.
Ten international rum aficionados will be jetting into the OSpice IsleO of Grenada, to take part in the blind tasting contest as part of the 3rd Caribbean Rum & Beer Festival hosted in Grenada on November 2-3, 2012.
THREE decades back, a newbie wine label from Napa Valley shocked the world when it trumped the big boys of France in a blind tasting that is now famous as the Judgment of Paris.
Who would have thought a Taiwanese single malt would be voted tops in a blind tasting by experts.
The ad features Gary Rhodes laden with buttered crumpets approaching shoppers and asking them to decide which was their favourite spread in a blind tasting.
"I haven't tasted anything quite like this, pretty original in flavor." "Reminds me of Genny Cream," sad Tom Conti (and this was a blind tasting) "but it's more lagery.
A range of baked goods made using Ulrick & Short's clean label fat replacer Delyte were praised by consumers at a blind tasting session held by the Regional Food Group for Yorkshire & Humber.