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a gathering of people to taste and compare different wines

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Fattorie Giacobazzi Srl, an Italy-based supplier of private brand balsamic and other vinegars, took top honors in the third annual Private Brand Blind Taste Test.
The sampling campaign witnessed great response since its launch during the beginning of February with over 150,000 consumers trying Lipton Clear Green Tea at shopping malls and inside the potential high traffic retail outlets.Aa A unique blind taste approach is being conducted during the sampling sessions whereby consumers are invited to taste the cold refreshing beverage and asked to reveal the flavors, for a chance to win attractive gifts in case they manage to identify the taste.
Instead of getting jail-worthy drunk by selfishly sampling these recipes alone, I enlisted the entire editorial staff (nine, in total) for a blind taste test of each one.
Sartain also is a culinary winner of the Maitre du Gout award; the James Beard Foundation's "Who's Who" award; the Maitre Canardier de France award; and the Les Toques Blanches, Global and World Gourmet Society Hall of Fame award, Stremicks Heritage Foods said.?"We present competing products head-to-head in a blind taste test with the same judging protocol," said Chef Sartain.
A selection of wines were entered in the competition by 26 airlines from around the globe and judges evaluated more than 200 different wines in a blind taste test conducted over two days.
When the European Parliament held a blind taste test for its members in May, only one in 10 could identify the ingredients correctly.
But they have fooled many connoisseurs who, in blind taste tests, were unable to distinguish them from imported varieties.
Judges were last night locked in deep contemplation, after each quaffing a selection of fifty brews, in blind taste tests at the Scarisbrick hotel in Lord Street.
In a blind taste test, is there a difference between diet and regular soda?
Thursday's class taught consumer decision making and included a blind taste test of cereals.
Various events, including target shooting, chipping, trap shooting, archery, a blind taste test and trivial pursuit were part of the day's events, which was such a success that it is now held every Autumn.
Despite its victories in "scientific" blind taste tests, the new product was rejected by American consumers as inferior in every way (even, according to a Harvard Medical School study, in its spermacidic properties).
BY RUKI SAYID Consumer Editor BUDGET chain Iceland's PS26 frozen turkey beat a luxury bird costing PS95.70 in a blind taste test.
The blind taste tests also found Iceland's PS4.95 a kg Luxury British Whole Brined Turkey with Orange & Thyme Butter to be top of its class, as was its Luxury Outdoor Bred Pork, Honey and Rosemary Parcels stuffing at PS3 for 300g.
And after casks rolled into the Campaign for Real Ale-organised event on Monday, brewers are set to do battle in a blind taste test to see if their all British tipples are "top of the hops."