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a gathering of people to taste and compare different wines

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Fattorie Giacobazzi Srl, an Italy-based supplier of private brand balsamic and other vinegars, took top honors in the third annual Private Brand Blind Taste Test.
When the European Parliament held a blind taste test for its members in May, only one in 10 could identify the ingredients correctly.
But in a blind taste test, it was preferred by readers over an award-winning MacSween.
In blind taste tests, consumers preferred the soda's new formula to its century-old predecessor, but no one actually wanted to part with something so tied to the nation's cultural identity, even for an improvement.
But they have fooled many connoisseurs who, in blind taste tests, were unable to distinguish them from imported varieties.
In a blind taste test, is there a difference between diet and regular soda?
Various events, including target shooting, chipping, trap shooting, archery, a blind taste test and trivial pursuit were part of the day's events, which was such a success that it is now held every Autumn.
They then put a hole through the corn prepared the old way to make it indistinguishable from the other corn for blind taste tests by 16 volunteers.
More than 10,000 entries underwent rigorous blind taste tests by a top panel.
And after casks rolled into the Campaign for Real Ale-organised event on Monday, brewers are set to do battle in a blind taste test to see if their all British tipples are "top of the hops.
Gillian Carter, editor of BBC Good Food, said: "In our 25th year this is the biggest blind taste test we've ever done, so our readers can feel confident that these products truly are best in class.
Prime 44 West selected a 2006 Estate Cabernet Sauvignon from Trefethen for its private label wine, which was chosen in a blind taste test by the West family.
It found that in blind taste tests with 32 chefs, frozen tuna was identified as better in flavour and scored higher in 'mouthfeel' and chewiness.
Severn Trent was voted the UK's top tap water at a blind taste test in a competition held at a London restaurant.
This year 35 airlines from across the globe entered a selection of their finest wines for two days of blind taste testing.