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Synonyms for blind spot

a subject about which you are ignorant or prejudiced and fail to exercise good judgment

the point where the optic nerve enters the retina

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"By constantly monitoring driving blind spots -- both on the road and when reversing out of carparks with a restricted view of oncoming traffic, pedestrians and cyclists, BLIS with Cross Traffic Alert really has your back, both on the road and in the carpark."
It's an online interface powered by advanced proprietary algorithms designed to expose security blind spots across domain names, DNS, and digital certificates that make vital online brand assets susceptible to DNS hijacking, phishing, and distributed denial of service attacks.
Auto Business News-August 1, 2018--Ford to add Blind Spot Information System to 2019 Ranger
The new system addresses the issue by eliminating blind spots and creating maximum visibility around the vehicle at all times, in addition to limiting the drivers focus to only one monitor for the fastest response to avoid any visible hazard.
If it wasn't for the inevitably personal way in which this brief text was conceived, the argument of El punto ciego (The blind spot), by the Spanish writer Javier Cercas, could be read as a theory of the novel.
Chair, Urs Rohner, said, 'There were no blind spots. It's not the case that positions suddenly surfaced that were not previously there.
4), Pope Francis has many blind spots. I sometimes get the feeling that we are all watching Pope Francis: The Movie, eating our popcorn and falling asleep, waiting for the progress that is not going to come.
Similarly, in Before Happiness, I wrote that we all have mental blind spots that distort our perspective about aspects of our lives or work, impairing our decision-making and judgment.
The 80-year-old has been diagnosed with dry and wet macular degeneration - the first causes blurred vision and the latter can lead to blind spots.
"We have our patented bbs-tek White Sound reversing alarms that make the source of danger more easily beatable than equivalent tonal alarms; new Backsense radar obstacle detection to alert the driver; and Backeye 360 Systems that eliminate blind spots by giving a 'bird's-eye view' all around the machine in a single image.
Among the 121 survey respondents, more than 40 percent said their FX risk management processes have "blind spots"--areas in which they don't have visibility into FX exposures--and more than 20 percent said they don't know whether they have blind spots.
Mr Bennion, a Lib Dem transport spokesman, has tabled amendments to European Union directives which would require HGV makers to build cabs with better sightlines and reduced blind spots.
Eilidh's mother, Heather, who still lives at Ellingham, and her sister Kate, who lives in Newton by the Sea, began campaigning with North East MEP Fiona Hall for all HGVs in Europe to be fitted with cameras and sensors to remove their blind spots.