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a subject about which you are ignorant or prejudiced and fail to exercise good judgment

the point where the optic nerve enters the retina

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The optical analogy of the title is obvious: the blind spot is that minimum space, or point, in which a given observer (the reader in this case) cannot see anything.
High-wheeled construction lorries have significant blind spots.
Chair, Urs Rohner, said, 'There were no blind spots.
Meet for coffee monthly and give each other permission to shed light on each other's blind spots.
The fact that 64 percent of the polled corporates are either unsure or said 'yes' to having blind spots is not overly surprising, but it is dangerous," Gage says.
Driver blind spots have been implicated in the tragic death of Hope Fennell and a growing toll of fatal accidents involving pedestrians, cyclists and even cars dragged underneath heavy goods vehicles.
Auto Business News-September 18, 2013--Mature Drivers honours Blind Spot Warning systems(C)1994-2013 ENPublishing - http://www.
It concludes that there is not currently enough evidence to require HGVs to be mandatorily fitted with new technology to eradicate blind spots.
Whilst there is so much concern about the blind spots of buses and heavy goods vehicles, has anyone thought to educate the cyclists that deliberately go into these blind spots (News, PE May)?
FORD'S revamped S-Max and Galaxy people carriers have just gone on sale - complete with radar technology to detect vehicles hidden in rearward blind spots.
For that purpose, say the researchers, they took advantage of the blind spots that occur naturally in our eyes where the optic nerve exits the retina, reports New Scientist magazine.
Van Hecke writes that mental blind spots account for most situations people ordinarily label as stupid mistakes.
announced today, as an industry first, the development of a new image-sensing technology(1) that can thoroughly and accurately track - without blind spots - the motion paths of multiple individuals as they move while indoor.
Like all classic film noir, ``The Good German'' is populated by characters with blind spots, people making conscious choices not to see certain things.
Sometimes my lack of seeing is due to my failure to know myself as I truly am or because my blind spots hide a part of myself from me.