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a subject about which you are ignorant or prejudiced and fail to exercise good judgment

the point where the optic nerve enters the retina

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With our system, you actually get complete visibility with no blind spots.
People with this blind spot lose connection to their social support networks in the midst of challenges when they should be investing more heavily in their support systems.
Hope Fennell, left, was killed by a lorry in Kings Heath in 2011 - too many HGVs have blind spots, says an MEP
Mature Drivers has recognised Blind Spot Warning systems with the highest ranking in its list of 10 new vehicle features.
Mrs Hall said: "It is simply not good enough that the Commission has taken over a year to come out with this study that basically says there are not enough facts and figures available to assess the cost-effectiveness of new devices designed to eradicate blind spots.
He says that the volunteers initially saw a square, but reported that within seconds it had morphed into a rectangle, by extending its edge into the blind spot.
Van Hecke states that while it's impossible to completely eradicate blind spots, there are ways to see around them.
PARIS, September 19 /PRNewswire/ -- Valeo announces today that its award winning Blind Spot detection system will be launched on the 2008 model Jaguar XF.
And he's got a huge blind spot - his love for this woman.
This has had a detrimental effect on the driver's vision, with the creation of significant blind spots that pose a real threat to other road users.
The starfield covers 180 degrees on the dome without any cutouts or blind spots along the horizon.
The company is developing a system that will eliminate blind spots from around the vehicle with a bird's-eye view of the surrounding area displayed on a central monitor.
CAMPAIGNERS want all trucks in Ireland fitted with special front mirrors to cut out blind spots that leave pedestrians in danger.
Convex mirrors eliminate most blind spots by giving the driver an enhanced view of the vehicles around him," said Lundin, "but U.
The men who took part in this test were all confident but they didn't check their blind spots.