blind snake

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wormlike burrowing snake of warm regions having vestigial eyes

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The number of supralabials in blind snakes is a genetically conservative character, and any 1/2 condition of the supralabials of any individual may represent one of two possibilities: (1) an aberrant condition (seen rarely within the species) or (2) a hybrid between two species with parapatric distributions.
The following keys to the species and subspecies of blind snakes of the Leptotyphlops dulcis complex should be used with caution.
The smallest are the blind snakes, such as the one at left.
This observation caused us to ask if blind snakes could enter and survive in imported fire ant nests, feeding on this abundant and well-protected brood source.
In the spring of 1990, four blind snakes were collected under rocks and five were removed from abandoned screech owl nests in Waco, Texas, and were maintained in laboratory containers according to the method of Watkins et al.