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The poems that transform this theme are the most personal: "Daddy Red" which briefly chronicles the violent world of his grandmother's second husband who "got a white man's job" Or the poem "Outside the Blue Nile" in which a local beggar's response to his proffered generosity elicits a sharp retort leading to a search for "Benedict the Moor," who "made the sign of the cross / to win the blind sight.
WITH JUST SUCH A VISION in mind, Tkacz created Blind Sight, based on the true story of the life of a blind Ukranian poet named Vasyl Yeroshenko, who traveled to Tokyo in 1914 and, writing in Japanese, became a noted author there.
This story tells how people who are deaf give people who are blind sight, how people who are blind give people who are deaf music, and how everyone's dancing improves.
org), a US National Institutes of the Blind sight impaired certified manufacturer of SKILCRAFT branded products.