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a wheel that drives a motor vehicle (transforms torque into a tractive force)

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Our host for the night was eerie tour guide "Vincent Price" with his blind driver Frankie.
Sitting inside the vehicle, a blind driver can turn the steering wheel, stop, and accelerate by following data from a computing unit that calls upon sensory information received from a laser range finder.
A man accused of giving instructions to a blind driver during a half-mile car journey had his court case adjourned yesterday.
THE world's fastest blind driver has rewritten the record books once again.
And the courageous blind driver is hoping to raise cash for charity.
Dennis Hong, director of the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory at Virginia Tech explained, "Three years ago we accepted the NFB Blind Driver Challenge....
With an instructor by his side, he was the first blind driver to complete a lap at Knockhill Racing Circuit, in Fife.
Dodi's father Harrods boss Mohamed al Fayed claims the couple were murdered by MI6 who used a bright light to blind driver Henri Paul who also died.
A MAN who gave instructions to a blind driver has admitted aiding and abetting dangerous driving.
A MAN accused of dangerous driving after he was allegedly caught giving instructions to a blind driver had his case adjourned for a second time at Wolverhampton Crown Court.
A NEARLY blind driver who ploughed into a marathon runner leaving her paralysed was fined pounds 1,000 and banned for three years yesterday.