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a dog trained to guide the blind

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Blind Dog Rescue UK is a small charity which works to rescue and rehome blind and partially-sighted dogs.
He wears a harness with 'blind dog' written on it so people will understand if he bumps into them or he doesn't see them coming.
A HEARTBROKEN girl has begged Santa to bring her missing blind dog home for Christmas.
Sharon Hill, PA, June 10, 2015 --( In August 2009, the organization that is known as the Blind Dog Rescue Alliance began.
The two girls connect when Salma helps catch Lily's blind dog, Lucky, when he runs off through the blueberry barrens.
Lily's blind dog, Lucky, runs away and ends up introducing Lily to Salma, a migrant girl whose family picks blueberries.
Pugh also survived the LibDem wipe-out, even though he must now feel like a three-legged blind dog barking in the wilderness.
RUBY, Alaska -- A blind dog is helping musher Kelly Maixner find the Iditarod finish line in western Alaska.
FAIRBANKS, Alaska -- A blind dog who wandered away from her Ester, Alaska, home during a cold snap has been reunited with her owner.
The carton title/simile refers to out of control and confused behavior, "like a blind dog in a meat market." This homespun saying summarizes the Dyster administration: out of control spending, blind to good government, and dangerous in its wild abandonment of transparency.
Dubai: A blind dog that went missing from a Jumeirah Village Triangle (JVT) villa created quite a stir in Dubai last week as animal lovers mounted a massive search, making SOS calls, frantic appeals on online forums and the radio.
KICKED out into the cold just before Christmas, blind dog Basil was left to fend for himself.
The event, which was organised by charity Guide Dogs, was carried out to highlight how blind dog owners are struggling to access public venues and services.
Run by the proprietors of the Blind Dog Restaurant and Sushi (also within the complex), the Yard cafe will open be open daily from 11:30 a.m.
Other strangest stories include 'Implanting organs in the name of art'; 'Liechtenstein for hire at $70,000 a Night; 'Blind dog gets own guide dog'; 'Cemetery collector with 29 bodies arrested'; 'Alabama company turn gun lovers' Ashes into ammunition' and 'Mexican vampire woman Maria Jose Cristerna immortalized in wax' by Ripley's among others.