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any elderly pompous reactionary ultranationalistic person (after the cartoon character created by Sir David Low)

a small nonrigid airship used for observation or as a barrage balloon

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Ohio visitors can drive through the Wingfoot Lake blimp hangar to drop off their donation to a U.
For more information about the Goodyear Blimps, go to www.
Manila: The Philippines is due to receive, from the United States, a weather-sensing blimp that can also detect and maritime threats.
According to the patent's abstract, the blimps would employ UAVs that behave much like guided bombs to deliver products to customers, "using gravity to propel them downwards at an angle using hardly any energy, adjusting course with just minor aerodynamic shifts", according to a report in (https://www.
Raytheon's website says the blimps are meant to be tethered to the ground by a "11/8 inch thick super-strong cable," which should withstand 100 mile-per-hour winds.
Goodyear blimps have been providing televised aerial views - such as during Thursday night's NBA Finals clash between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors - since the 1955 Rose Parade and that year's Rose Bowl between USC and Ohio State.
Yesterday, the company flew blimps in a bid to prove the turbines would not have any visual impact on the property.
GC has made it clear that once balloons and blimps rise over rooftops with more than a few meters, they can have an impact on the routes of low altitude aircrafts such as vertical and smaller aircrafts, and airplanes during takeoff and landing.
GC Director-General Saif Mohammed Al Suwaidi said: "There has been a clear rise in the number of balloons and blimps in our skies, mostly used for personal celebrations, or for celebrating events such as the National Day of our beloved country or for advertising purposes.
Washington, July 2 ( ANI ): The US military has reportedly developed a surveillance blimp that fits in a box which can be loaded onto the back of a truck trailer.
The navy had contracted with Goodyear Aircraft Company in 1937 to produce a series of L-class blimps, relatively small airships based on Goodyear's commercial model.
10 September 2012 a[euro]" US outdoor advertising specialist Van Wagner Communications LLC said that it had taken over blimp advertising company The Lightship Group as well as American Blimp Corp, which makes Lightship Group's Lightship model blimps.
In addition to the hands-on activity, there's an animation explaining buoyancy, a TV episode about remote-controlled blimps, and a video profile of engineers who operate some of the world's largest blimps.
As the Navy acquired more blimps and convoy escorts increased, that number decreased to just three in 1943, none in 1944, and two in 1945.
BLIMP BY NUMBERS * The blimp can travel at a top speed of 53mph * The maximum pressure height of the airship is 10,000ft * Each blimp requires 69,000 cubic feet of helium to fly * It is possible for the blimp to climb and descend at a rate of 1,500ft per minute * Goodyear has built 347 airships over a 78-year period * The company's two blimps will visit 20 European countries between now and the end of October But the findings also revealed more than a quarter did not understanding the "no overtaking" sign, while 52% thought a red and orange light showing together means proceed with caution when in fact it means stop.