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a slang term for Great Britain used by British troops serving abroad

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Earlier this year Blighty's regulators levied the first fine in the BBC's history--a cool $100,000--after "Blue Peter" was caught rigging the results of a phone-in contest, where viewers called a toll number.
The number one reason for wanting to scarper out of 'old Blighty' is that the Brits want somewhere cheaper to live.
One significant change is that movies in the running for awards must be released in Blighty before the ceremony, ensuring a higher level of public awareness for the contenders.
"With Blighty Booch I wanted to transform the options available to those looking for healthy alternatives to high sugar soda drinks and fruit juices."
David said: "I was looking through the paper and saw the story about Calling Blighty, and it mentioned the films shown in Birkenhead Town Hall.
The whole Birkenhead film will be screened on Thursday afternoon (October 18) alongside some highlights from the Calling Blighty series and footage of Merseyside during World War II.
But he graced Blighty with his presence this week with Sky One specials of his hit US chat show The Late Late Show.
It's Channel 5 recruiting some famous faces ("famous", as always, to be taken with a large pinch of salt), putting them in a couple of motorhomes and sending them off around Blighty for a little holiday.
"There's a bloody bunpunching swine back there who has just gone back with a beautiful blighty one in the arm.
The cinematic scheme - Calling Blighty - was introduced by the Ministry of Defence in a bid to raise morale for troops out in Burma and India, and for whom home leave wasn't possible.
Soldiers recorded messages for loved ones back in Blighty
Jeremy Clarkson @JeremyClarkson Hello Blighty. You are a bit windy.
QWHY do we refer to Britain as Blighty? C Mayo, Rotherham ABLIGHTY is derived from the word bilyati, which means a foreign land in Hindi.
The Dilemma Sky Movies Comedy, 10.10pm Ron Howard has recently been in Blighty filming the James Hunt biopic Rush (with Chris Hemsworth).
U bowed the pic day-and-date in Blighty, hoping it would act as counterprogramming to this month's Euro Cup soccer tournament.