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a city in northern Algeria at the foot of the Atlas Mountains to the southwest of Algiers

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Voici le texte integral: "Conformement aux dispositions de l'article 11, alinea 3 du code de procedure penale, et dans le cadre du strict respect de ses dispositions, le Procureur general militaire pres la Cour d'appel militaire de Blida porte a la connaissance de l'opinion publique qu'une poursuite judiciaire a ete ouverte ce jour, 5 mai 2019, a l'encontre des nommes Athmane Tartag, Mohamed Mediene et Said Bouteflika ainsi qu'a l'encontre de toute personne dont l'implication est etablie par l'enquete, pour les chefs d'inculpation d'"atteinte a l'autorite de l'Armee et complot contre l'autorite de l'Etat", des faits prevus et punis par les articles 284 du code de justice militaire et 77 et 78 du code penal.
BEIRUT: A resident at the bordering town of Blida reported finding an Israeli spying device.
The Tunisian squad had been beaten by the same team 3-0 at another friendly, last Wednesday in Blida.
Khelil, who went to the province of Blida (50km southwest of Algiers) where he supervised the putting into operation of natural gas public distribution systems for the benefit of several rural communes in the province, said he was pleased with the efforts made by the State and (electricity and gas company) Sonelgaz to better life conditions of citizens while providing the necessary conditions for industry development.
The government has decided to import one million tonnes of cement to face the "great speculation" in the national market, Industry and Investment Promotion Minister Hamid Temmar said Sunday in Blida. The minister made the announcement at a news conference held at the end of his inspection visit to the Cement Company of Mitidja (Blida province, 50km southeast of Algiers), 65 percent of which is held by the Algerian State and 35 percent by French group Lafarge.
Plusieurs secteurs comme lae1/4aoenvironnement, ressources en eau, lae1/4aoONA et lae1/4aoEPIC Nadhafa de Blida, se sont mobilisUu[c]s Uu cet effet.
Download Tenanti: UNIFIL is investigating the incident of Blida and the situation in the region is calm NNA - UNIFIL official spokesman in South Lebanon, Andrea Tenanti, told the National News Agency's correspondent in Tire that UNIFIL was aware of the incident involving the smoke bombs fired at an Army patrol and provocation of Army soldiers at a military observation point off the town of Blida today.
Summary: BEIRUT: Five electrical grids were stripped of their cables Thursday in the Marjayoun villages of Mais al-Jabal and Blida, the Central News Agency reported.
Summary: Trade Minister El-Hachemi Djaaboub emphasized Wednesday in Blida province (50-km west of Algiers) the need to make of Boufarik wholesale market a genuine national commercial hub.
Plusieurs secteurs comme l'environnement, ressources en eau, l'ONA et l'EPIC Nadhafa de Blida, se sont mobilises a cet effet.
Download UNIFIL team inspects region violated by enemy on Saturday in Blida outskirts NNA - A UNIFIL team comprising of officers from the Spanish, Nepalese, and Indian battalions has been inspecting since 11:00 am on Monday a region which had been violated Saturday by the Israeli enemy, NNA field reporter said.