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British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

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Couldn't be a coincidence that BLiars wife is a 'Human rights' lawyer could it?
The far-too-smooth-for-my-taste-Anderton, however has beaten Bliar at his own game.
In a bizarre rant, he said: "Mr Blair, don't be a liar, a Bliar.
One such was a former Lord Chancellor, one of the closest associates of a former PM known as Phoney Bliar, who emerged from a safe place to declare that he thought the PM was a goner.
I would sooner take advice from the sheep in the field than listen to Tony Bliar, the politician who conned Parliament into believing that Saddam Hussein could launch a nuclear strike at 45 minutes' notice.
He should get on with our Tony Bliar like a house (or Gulf state)on fire.
Adam Walker Using the pseudonym Corporal Fox, the former soldier claimed on Teessideonline that the BNP had risen in popularity because "they are the only party who are making a stand and are prepared to protect the rights of citizens against the savage animals New Labour and Bliar (sic) are filling our communities with".