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British statesman who became prime minister in 1997 (born in 1953)

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Couldn't be a coincidence that BLiars wife is a 'Human rights' lawyer could it?
Of course, Blair will be remembered mostly for his "ethical" armed interventions, while the barb of "Bliar" clearly still smarts.
Yet despite their best efforts to portray him as a man who misled the country (the difference between Guardian editorials decrying Blair's alleged mendacity and posters at antiwar protests screaming "BLIAR!" was a matter of articulacy, not reason), attempts by Blair's enemies to destroy his political career were a complete failure.
Around 20 protesters holding up signs saying "Bliar" rallied outside the London conference centre where the inquiry is being held as the ex-premier arrived amid heavy security and a large police presence.
The Liberal Democrat leader will forever be tarred with the stain of his fees betrayal - just as Tony Blair will never escape the "Bliar" label so correctly branded over Iraq.
Mr Bliar said: "I know the Metropolitan Police would, as ever, have done a superb job in managing any disruption but I do not wish to impose an extra strain on police resources, simply for a book signing."
One member of the audience shouted at him: "You're a liar." A second added, "And a murderer." Outside the QEII conference center in Westminster hundreds of antiwar protesters, chanting slogans such as "Blair lied, thousands died!", "Jail Tony!", and "Bliar Bliar".
Among the protesters outside, who were waving placards saying "Bliar" and chanting "Tony Blair War Criminal," were relatives of some of the 179 British troops who have died in the conflict.
Alongside 'not in my name', 'make tea not war, and, simply 'bliar' were 'Orwell was right', 'historians demand a continuing supply of history', 'bite your master's ankle poodle', and 'the only bush I trust is my own'.
Among the countless additions were posters making use of the popular pun Bliar; banners calling Blair and Bush "baby killers"; a large logo showing a human figure pointing a gunlike gas-pump nozzle at its head; a painting representing two soldiers, one standing watch with his machine gun while the other hastily brushes a huge red peace sign on a wall; a list of British MPs who voted for the war; and, most disturbingly, many photos of atrociously mutilated children, their bodies bloated, transformed into those of tadpoles or dog ticks, their faces at times a bloody mess, barely legible as human.
The far-too-smooth-for-my-taste-Anderton, however has beaten Bliar at his own game.
Lies are what any self respecting hack expects to uncover, and I reflect that Tony Blair, who cares so much about telling the truth, is these days known in Britain as "Bliar." Living in truthlessness is what we all, willy-nilly, do, and 1 begin to wonder about whether something like the BBC, formally dedicated as it is to the pursuit of truth, can ever survive.
Other banners said 'Bliar' or 'Shut down Guantanamo Bay', and children carried balloons saying 'Full of hot air Tony Blair'.