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Synonyms for blessing

Synonyms for blessing

a short prayer said at meals

something beneficial

Synonyms for blessing

a desirable state

a short prayer of thanks before a meal

a ceremonial prayer invoking divine protection

the act of praying for divine protection


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L eyco expressed the Departments gratitude to Metrobank and GT Foundations for their continued trust and confidence to the DSWD family as their partner for the Bags of Blessings Project.
org/article/wedding-blessings/) service blessing are different.
Older children have by now learned that this ritual brings blessings in the form of a gift, now often an angpao or red envelope with cash inside, which the parents quickly take, supposedly for safekeeping.
Soft to the touch with its sturdy padded covers, "Tiny Blessings for Bedtime" is a perfect board book of a beloved bedtime prayer.
One of the most important ways of showing our love for our Creator is by giving constant thanks for all of these blessings He gives to us.
Divine blessings or Durood Shareef on Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the highest and the most meritorious act in Islam.
The Abundance and Capacity of Blessings and Talents
I GREW UP IN an Orthodox Jewish community that was crazy for blessings.
Father Paul Farrer, a Boro fan and Catholic priest, explains: "A " lthough not uncommon, what makes Papal Blessings special is that they are given to individuals by the Papal household at the request of the friends or family of the person named on the certificate.
Blessings will be subject to guidelines--among these, that they will be granted only in parishes "where a majority decision of Vestry requests such a status from the bishop.
Recently, in a passionate and heartfelt sermon at God's Luv International Ministries Church, Pierre Bennett reminded his congregation that God's blessings may start with a single person who has one gift.
These blessings are: "Blessed are You Adonai Ruler of the universe, who did not make me a gentile / who did not make me a slave / who did not make me a woman.
While blessings may invoke God's favor, they are often an act of thanksgiving.
Derek Rivard's study of medieval blessings seeks to discover how these rituals contributed to the formation of the medieval religious mentalite.
Such interpretations do not allow for the full literary and theological implications of Jacob's first recorded blessings of another, at the age of 130.