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Synonyms for beatification

a state of supreme happiness

the action of rendering supremely blessed and extremely happy

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(Roman Catholic Church) an act of the Pope who declares that a deceased person lived a holy life and is worthy of public veneration

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He was declared blessed in 1963 by Blessed Paul VI, who will be canonized together with the teen.
Two of them speak especially to our cultures in North America: Blessed Kateri Tekakwitha and Blessed Mother Marianne Cope.
Two miracles must be accepted for the Pontiff to confer sainthood but if there is only one he can beatify a candidate instead - giving them the title blessed.
I admit that after Blessed John Paul II, whom the Filipinos have come to love, Joseph Ratzinger came in 2005 when I wasn't ready to love a new pope.
When John Paul II is declared "Blessed" on May 1, it will represent the fastest beatification of modern times, narrowly surpassing Mother Teresa.
Prominent among them will be the first Australian-born saint, Blessed Mary MacKillop.
The Blessed Mess: Finding Hope amidst Life's Chaos.
Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz yesterday said Calungsod's canonization, marked by an elaborate ceremony in Rome along with those of six other "blesseds" from other countries, would not make the path to sainthood easier for other Filipino candidates.
website, In April, Rome's Congregation for Saints' Causes presented five more Beati (Blesseds) for canonization, three priests and two nuns (four Italians, one Portuguese).
Not taking anything away from the sanctity of Blesseds Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi, I was disappointed that the first married couple beatified by the church had renounced sex for the last 26 years of their marriage.
New Saints and Blesseds of the Catholic Church 1979-1983.
I kept thinking if I died, too, there would soon be no more Blesseds left.
The Church understands that the saints and blesseds, their prayers, their lives, are for people on earth, that sainthood, as an earthly honour, is not coveted by the saints or blesseds themselves.
The martyrology is a 773-page book listing saints and blesseds by their feast days and indicating that their public veneration is approved by the church, said Archbishop Francesco Pio Tamburrino, secretary of the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Sacraments.