Blessed Trinity

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the union of the Father and Son and Holy Ghost in one Godhead

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Most Blessed Trinity Academy held its first concert May 17, 2018.
Thus, the mystery of the Blessed Trinity reveals to us a rich and fathomless inner activity of God.
He has opened my eyes to what each person of the Blessed Trinity has done for me.
Warm and fed children are happy - and happy children achieve'PAT GARTH BLESSED TRINITY RC COLLEGE, BURNLEY, LANCS
The Appleton Test Prep Course scholarships were awarded to the following high schools: Lassiter High School, Pope High School, Walton High School, Sprayberry High School, Wheeler High School, Roswell High School, Blessed Trinity School, Fellowship Christian School, Milton High School, and Cambridge High School.
The Rosary, for example, teaches simple people to use, regularly, biblical prayers like the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the invocation to the Blessed Trinity, just as the people of Israel used the Psalms in Old Testament times to sustain their faith in the Old Covenant.
Promoting women's ordination rests on the principle that the second person of the blessed Trinity was a sexist sinner.
"Manchester United have a statue to their Blessed Trinity of Law, Best and Charlton outside Old Trafford.
Blessed Trinity Catholic Church in Ocala, Fla., is a sign of things to come.
He even employed the ordinary, little, three-leaved shamrock plant to teach people about the Blessed Trinity. He was called to his heavenly reward on March 17, 461.
Yet only the first Person of the Blessed Trinity is accurately called "the Father," for He generates in eternity His Logos, His Word, His Son (the "sole-Begotten").
Pina was a member of Blessed Trinity Catholic Church in Ocala, Fl.
It doesn't end there for she is leading you to worship the Blessed Trinity in a unique way and that is a gift.
Mahon's "Blessed Trinity" alone, who would be willing and able to guide students through the minefield of deadlines, applications, interviews and tortured regulations -- the ugly minutiae that, for better or for worse, make up much of the landscape in higher education?
Linda Scoursfield, 46, could not believe it when she was contacted by Blessed Trinity Adoption just moments after arriving in Houston.