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Indian nun and missionary in the Roman Catholic Church (born of Albanian parents in what is now Macedonia)

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His healing after prayers for the intercession of Blessed Teresa was submitted as the miracle needed for her canonization.
May the Memorial House be a sign and reminder to all that "we are created for greater things--to love and be loved", as our Mother, Blessed Teresa, often reminded us.
In the light of Christ's teaching and example, we cannot believe Blessed Teresa was misguided in her determination to help the poor or in her belief in the sanctity of human life.
Founded by Blessed Teresa of Kolkata, the congregation runs orphanages across India.
With its sensationalist title, Time magazine not only descended to the level of tabloid journalism, but betrayed a woeful ignorance of the meaning of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta's spiritual journey.
NEW YORK, June 2 /PRNewswire/ -- The Missionaries of Charity, the religious order founded by Blessed Teresa of Calcutta, announced today the creation of the Mother Teresa of Calcutta Center (MTC).
Robert Rosebrough, pastor of Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Ferguson, Mo.
Again she quotes Blessed Teresa as to how to turn action into prayer: "Love cannot remain by itself--it has no meaning.
Cavitt, in residence at Blessed Teresa of Calcutta Parish in Ferguson, says that Catholics, especially, "are nothing if we're not filled with hope.
Our own Blessed Teresa of Calcutta who began with nothing and ended with houses all over the world.