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French aviator who in 1909 made the first flight across the English Channel (1872-1936)

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The attempt coincided with the 110th anniversary of Louis Bleriot's 1909 channel crossing, which was the first time anyone had crossed the channel in a heavier-than-air aircraft.
1989: Just 3.6 miles short of Dover, woman pilot Gloria Pullan had to ditch Louis Bleriot's historic plane in the Channel while attempting to recreate his crossing in 1909.
There are many propellers in Saturn's rings although many are significantly smaller than Bleriot. Another image Cassini recently snapped during its close flybys was of a "swarm" of variously sized propellers in the middle of the planet's A ring.
First observed by Cassini in 2005 Bleriot has been repeatedly revisited, most recently in this observation from Nov.
of winged flight, Louis Bleriot. Bleriot had put his engineering
One of his last engagements was at the Barbican Cup meeting, two weeks after the Waterloo, when the aerial there was continued by Bleriot, who divided the consolatory Purse.
That's the engine that barely powered Louis Bleriot on the first aerial crossing of the English Channel.
Pioneering French pilot Louis Bleriot flew without instruments or a compass on July 25 1909.
Summary: A French pilot has recreated the first-ever flight across the English Channel in a monoplane like the one that Louis Bleriot flew in 1909, complete with a wooden propeller, bicycle wheels and an engine as powerful as a lawnmower.
A PILOT flying a restored Bleriot XI monoplane flew over the English Channel yesterday to commemorate the centenary of the first cross-Channel flight.
Along with the Wright Brothers, whom most Americans think invented the airplane in an intellectual vacuum, Spencer follows the true international cast from designers to inventors to pilots, from Sir George Cayley to his disciple William Henson and from the aforesaid Wrights to the daring Bleriot. He sorts his information by parts of the airplane, so readers learn how water heaters became fuselages, whale flukes became empennages, and a flimsy assemblage of wood and cloth became the 787 Dream Liner.
Rossy, whose day job is an airline pilot, traced the route of French aviation pioneer Louis Bleriot who became the first person to fly across the Channel in a plane 99 years ago.
Only six years after the Wright Brothers turned Kitty Hawk, NC, into a makeshift airfield, Frenchman Louis Bleriot joined the birds over the English Channel for the first-ever heavier-than-air flight across that body of water.
In a cold and blustery December of that year, the Belgian Baron Pierre de Caters and then the world-famous Frenchman Louis Bleriot piloted the first heavier-than-air flying machines over Istanbul--or Constantinople as it was commonly called in Europe--the capital of the Ottoman Empire.
A substantial advance was made by French engineer Louis Bleriot. The son of a textile manufacturer, Bleriot earned his engineering degree in Paris in 1893.