combtooth blenny

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small usually scaleless fishes with comb-like teeth living about rocky shores

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Miller and Lea (1972) provided descriptions of three blenniid species, all members of the genus Hypsoblennius, from California waters.
A review of the blenniid fishes of the genus Ophioblennius Gill.
Spermiogenesis and structure of mature spermatozoa in blenniid fishes (Pisces, Blenniidae).
The three types of classical mimicry (Batesian, Mullerian and aggressive), may be found in Plagiotremus as well as in the allied blenniid genera Aspidontus, Ecsenius, and Petroscirtes.
Cryptic-small-sized labrisomids and blenniids, display camouflage behavior and strong association with the benthic community.
Because larvae and juveniles of demersal fishes are generally believed to have lower swimming speeds (Blaxter, 1986), it was anticipated that catches of synodontids and blenniids would have been more negatively affected by increasing current speed than relatively stronger-swimming pelagic taxa (e.g., scombrids and carangids).
A total of 2111 larvae were collected from light traps (n=849; 78 samples) and channel nets (n=1262; 26 surface and 26 subsurface samples), representing 20 and 33 families, respectively (Table 1), combining blenniids and labrisomids as blennioids, and not including clupeid and atherinid fishes.
In addition, haemulids (2.2%), blenniids (2.2%), and pleuronectiforms (2.1%) were present in lower abundance (Funes-Rodriguez et al.