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mixture of two or more whiskeys or of a whiskey and neutral spirits

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In Scotland, distillers buy whisky from each other to make up their blended whiskies, which can contain up to 30 different malts.
Aficionados prefer the individual taste, although it can take some getting used to, to that of blended whiskies. The main producers of single malts are Scotland, Ireland, the United States and Japan.
Each of the blended whiskies available from the Grant's Reserve range offer unique and distinctive styles and are ideal for the Christmas season thanks to their stylish new gift packaging.
Scotch fell a modest 0.5% and blended whiskies were off 1.5%.
The 80 proof Classic 12 Year by Canadian Club is made from aged stock of selected barrel blended whiskies, creating a blend with hints of vanilla and spice.
Stevenson, the Tories agriculture spokesman in Europe, added: "It would not affect malt whiskies because they are made with barley grown in the UK, but it will affect blended whiskies which are made from a variety of cereal, including maize."
The Ardbeg brand was performing in line with expectations, but sales of blended whiskies Highland Queen and Martin's VVO were down due to the strong pound and tough economic conditions in South-east Asia and Latin America.
Blended whiskies are best with haggis because they seem to cut through the spice better than single malts.
Just as John Haig is the father figure of modern whisky so is Arthur Guinness the father of Dublin brewery maybe able to reach 4 million pints per day but through its whisky subsidiary, United Distillers, which produces all the former DCL whiskies, it holds 37 per cent of the total worldwide market of blended whiskies.
Ben Bracken 12-Year-Old Single Malt Whisky (PS17.99 at Lidl) While some blended whiskies do a job for the Address to the Haggis, the occasion surely demands a single malt.