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garden plant having deep-pink drooping heart-shaped flowers

someone who is excessively sympathetic toward those who claim to be exploited or underprivileged

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That poor child is only one of hundreds of children and babies who have drowned in the same cause, the only difference is that this one could be seen; where were the bleeding hearts when the reports of those deaths were made public?
THOSE bleeding hearts of the left are fond of saying that any civilised society should ensure the wellbeing of its most vulnerable members.
80 (Top Dawg Entertainment, 2011) Ten years after she passed, Aaliyah's memory hangs heavy on the bleeding hearts of young rappers.
Mary Baker Eddy, who founded Christian Science, once wrote: "May the great Shepherd that 'tempers the wind to the shorn lamb,' and binds up the wounds of bleeding hearts, just comfort, encourage, and bless all who mourn.
On the other hand, we humanists are often ridiculed as bleeding hearts for our edict affirming the inherent worth and dignity of each human being.
The bleeding hearts of Scotland created a ludicrous and unjust situation with no concern for the feelings of the people of Lockerbie or those affected in the USA.
This compromise should please our politicians and other bleeding hearts that now only want to run out the clock until departure next summer.
Bureaucrats & Bleeding Hearts is a terrific book.
So Manchester City fans, bandage your bleeding hearts.
And not politically-correct bleeding hearts who continue to give offenders "one last chance".
But the bleeding hearts coupled with the politically correct crowd have blocked his efforts at every turn.
It's been 'Serving design-obsessed, undercover bleeding hearts since 2004.
Of course there will be an outcry by the bleeding hearts human rights people about stop and search but, if we are to stop the sight of our youths bleeding to death on our streets, they must be ignored.
By means of an ad in the Tulsa World newspaper, the church extended a special welcome to: "single, twice-divorced, under 30, gay, filthy rich, black and proud, poor as dirt, can't sing, no habla Ingles, married with pets, older than God, more Catholic than the pope, workaholic, bad speller, screaming babies, three-times divorced, passive-aggressive, obsessive-compulsive, tourists, seekers, doubters, bleeding hearts .
Yet the 'no-blame bleeding hearts brigade' remains in power - true to their Noddy Book theories, waving their easily-won Mickey Mouse qualifications as proof of competence.