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someone who has hemophilia and is subject to uncontrollable bleeding

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The Backpacks & Bleeders program gives participants and their families a way to experience the outdoors at little to no-cost, and do it in a controlled way that is specifically tailored to their unique needs.
However, recurrent bleeding occurs frequently after suture ligation of a bleeder and can be life-threatening.
| For more information about Paper Cinema see Little Bleeders Film-Making Course | October 29 to 31, 9.30am-3.30pm | Join the team for a devilishly gothic-themed three-day filmmaking workshop with the not-so-scary Ben Ewart Dean at the helm.
"Chest exploration, control of bleeders and upper left lobectomy (removal of the upper lobe of the left lung) were done," the update read.
Self-hypnosis has provided many bleeders with increased feelings of control and confidence and improved the quality of their lives.
Bleeders have the least fun - they just scream very loudly to make their victims bleed from their ears.
Anterior bleeding sites are bleeders anterior to the bony nasal aperture, and are relatively easy to manage because the vessel may be visualised and controlled with basic equipment such as a headlight, nasal suction device and nasal speculum and simple cautery techniques.
Barely surviving Ricahrd also finds himself the focus of attention by a savage underground gang of vampires called The BLEEDERS. It's a war for survival as Richard is caught between two opposing and ruthless forces--neither of which intend him any good!
A significant alteration (P<0.05) was found in membrane cholesterol/phospholipid ratio of cirrhotic bleeders. Osmotic fragility of red blood cells was also altered in patients.
Also available from Indequip are the JWL ranges of underseal guns, brake bleeders, OSHA compliant silent, mini, standard and adjustable air blowguns.
Advantages: the balls that cannot be converted into outs at the plate can become outs at first instead of hits; "bleeders" are kept in front of fielders to prevent a runner on second from scoring.
Ricotta controlled the bleeding by meticulously tying off, or ligating, "bleeders" and vessels as he encountered them.